I dont understand this whole ban system at all

Ok so here it goes: ~~When you get perma banned, YOURE PERMA BANNED. theres nothing you can do to get unbanned, unless there is some weird bug in the system or something. EXCEPT when your name is tyler1. Why did tyler1 get unbanned? ESPECIALLY why did HE get banned, knowing that he has over 20 Accounts that got banned for flaming? why does specifically a person like THAT get a special treatment?~~ (invalid point, isnt true) -When people get banned, they can just create new accounts. Why ban players, but allow them to simply create new accounts? Isnt the point of a ban to get rid of that person? Well youre not getting rid of them if they just create new accounts..... I know that banning players for real (inability to create new accounts) is hard, because an IP ban is not gonna do it (because most people have their IP changed after 24 hours, or even manually by simply resetting the router). Maybe to prevent this, you should include something like an SMS verification... I mean right now, you dont even need to enter a valid email to create new accounts.. Just use some random mail, and voila you created a new account and can play on it. Thats... Uh -People get banned from flaming all the time, but apparently never for intentionally feeding. I dont think I have met a person that has gotten banned for inting. I know its hard to detect.. but the question I have is: do people get banned at all for inting, like ever? it feels like there are exactly 0 people who get banned for inting, because the system cant reliably tell if that person was actually feeding. but if no one gets banned for inting anyway, why even give the option to report them for it? try to build in an overwatch system like in csgo. real players will watch the highlights (or lowlights in case of feeding..), and then judge themselves if that person was feeding or not, and then the feeder in question gets banned. only make the overwatch system available for players with appropriate honor levels, and give them even more rewards for putting their time and effort into it. Can you finally teach your playerbase that its not just bad to say "I HOPE U DIE LUULZ", but also saying shit like "EASY LOL" is very offensive? In any other sport, you shake the enemies hand. In league they insult you with words like "easy" and "?". Thats not sportsmanlike behaviour at all. In fact, if someone would do that in any other sport, that player would most likely get disqualified. And tbh, I find it more annoying/insulting when someone says "easy", than if someone says "ur mom is a whore". It even seems that riot supports phrases like "easy", as they have actually made the FNC announcers say "easy". Also sarcastic comments like "wow gj..." should not be allowed, since their purpose is only to make people angry, or the misuse of the "missing ping". I mean the people in this game obviously are highly confused on how to behave towards other people, considering there are new threads opened every day with people asking why they got banned, and then posting a chatlog in which within the first 5 lines that person said something like "i hope ur mom dies painful cancer %%%in muslim shit". riot games obv likes making videos, considering all the music videos, champion spotlights and so on videos on youtube. why not make a video which teaches the players how to %%%%ing getting their act together. if riot hasnt done it yet, they should hire a few psychologists (im not even joking), that help them understand how to improve toxic environments like it can be seen in league. the point of this last section of my text is, that its defniitely not clear to the players, what behaviour is considered to be appropriate, and somehow i have the feeling, that not even riot knows it themselves
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