Permabanned. While my team flamed me+ trolled me Please consider unbanning me

Game 1 In-Game ChainedUp: the heimer fiddle botlane ChainedUp: pretty strong ChainedUp: for demacia ChainedUp: 4man on me ChainedUp: meanwhile botlane afking ChainedUp: not even a farm lead lmao ChainedUp: can't gank for a while now ChainedUp: i know ChainedUp: wasn't your fault ChainedUp: i'll try to gank a lane soon ChainedUp: b ChainedUp: i'll gank ChainedUp: u can tp ChainedUp: wp ChainedUp: 1 sec ChainedUp: thought u would fling him into my e ChainedUp: I'm done ChainedUp: I mean botlane for your next games, don't afk when your jungler gets 4manned ChainedUp: xD ChainedUp: what can i do ChainedUp: against 4 ppl ChainedUp: u could ChainedUp: u could ChainedUp: u could ChainedUp: easy ChainedUp: you are muted btw <3 ChainedUp: oh you both are super fed ChainedUp: Nice ChainedUp: LOL ChainedUp: do not ChainedUp: flame me ChainedUp: cuz ChainedUp: i get 4manned ChainedUp: while bot afks ChainedUp: early game ChainedUp: LMAO ChainedUp: they all flaming me ChainedUp: Report me for what? ChainedUp: Report me for u flaming me? ChainedUp: good reason ChainedUp: I never flamed ChainedUp: i never flamed anyone ChainedUp: But they all flame me. ChainedUp: except xerath ChainedUp: I never flamed u ChainedUp: I just gave u advice, to not afk while your enemy bot roams ChainedUp: They just flame me 24/7 xD ChainedUp: They can just sacrofice that farm ChainedUp: XD ChainedUp: you're all muted ChainedUp: except xerath ChainedUp: and please change your flaming attitude for next games ChainedUp: muting pings too now ChainedUp: wp fiddle ChainedUp: nice fear ChainedUp: Ruined my whole engage ChainedUp: we need visionn ChainedUp: Fml ChainedUp: arived to late ChainedUp: gg wp Post-Game ChainedUp: Should have muted these toxic people sooner ChainedUp: I never ChainedUp: said anything ChainedUp: toxic this entire game ChainedUp: but please ChainedUp: change your attitude ChainedUp: ITs not fun for your teammates ChainedUp: I hope you improve your behaviour Game 2 In-Game ChainedUp: don't afk when the game starts pls ChainedUp: Thanks top ChainedUp: Like i care xD ChainedUp: oh ChainedUp: don't ping me ChainedUp: mate ChainedUp: not my fault ChainedUp: rumble ChainedUp: RUMBLE ChainedUp: DEFEND YOUR LANE ChainedUp: Recorded and reported ChainedUp: report rumble, toxic and refusing to defend his lane and stealing my jungle farm now ChainedUp: wp ChainedUp: bot go top ChainedUp: you can get that turret ChainedUp: i'll come aswell ChainedUp: why ChainedUp: cuz he ChainedUp: is tilted ChainedUp: Mid/Top can u please defend lanes ChainedUp: instead of grouping on the same lane ChainedUp: when its not needed ChainedUp: ty ChainedUp: Much apreciated ChainedUp: why ChainedUp: mb ChainedUp: but why ChainedUp: i don't get it ChainedUp: :( ChainedUp: please stop killing him ChainedUp: xD ChainedUp: toxic yas and rumble :p ChainedUp: I never said anything bad ChainedUp: never said idc about this game ChainedUp: xD ChainedUp: i said i don't care ChainedUp: but that wasn't ChainedUp: for this game ChainedUp: xd ChainedUp: i was i don't care that rumble muted me xD ChainedUp: but dw you are muted too ChainedUp: wp ChainedUp: lulu does your shield speedup? ChainedUp: ah k ChainedUp: use it on me so i can geet a w ChainedUp: wp ChainedUp: srr lulu i %%%%ed up my w ChainedUp: wow ChainedUp: wtf ChainedUp: is that ChainedUp: 600 shielding ChainedUp: wp yas ChainedUp: :p ChainedUp: baron is free ChainedUp: Yeah i smited it :p ChainedUp: dw ChainedUp: xd ChainedUp: gj ChainedUp: gg Post-Game ChainedUp: gg ChainedUp: Top and mid toxic af ChainedUp: no 1 flamed u lmao ChainedUp: u the one flaming but alright ChainedUp: LOL ChainedUp: Haha ChainedUp: i said nothing toxic ChainedUp: But alright ChainedUp: Yeah riot will gget u banned no worries ChainedUp: hf So i just got permabanned. Let me explain this story, and yes i know riot rarely does unbans. But i wasn't toxic, i was a bit tilted, and sure i wasn't super friendly, but i mean, if your team flames u+trolls you, am i supposed to say thankyou? So first of all i got banned for 2 games? Thats stupid imo. Even if i was toxic, getting banned for 2 games doesn't make sense, not everybody can have a great day every day and getting banned for 2 games is stupid. In game 1: I got invaded by 4man in the jungle at level 2. Botlane saw them coming and decided to afk farm instead of helping me. Then i couln't gank any lanes for a while and they started being toxic, i tried to gank top but it failed and they 3man invaded me in my jungle so i died. I said i'm done. I know this it not a positive attitude, but this was an impulsive reaction, which isn't even that toxic/negative imo. I gave my botlane the advice to not afk next time, and just sacrofice the farm and help your jungle. This is advice to help them, how can this be toxic? This is ment in a nice way! Eventually all of them started flaming me, calling me bad, stupid, useless etc because i couln't do a lot and i died a lot. Fiddle ruined a potential great engage from me and i told him that he did that well. Sure he is from the enemy team, but whats bad about saying wp to the enemy? They kept on flaming me and i told them i'd report them. Game 2:Top/mid started trolling/afking/flaming because i failed a gank onto them and didn't focus their lanes but focused botlane instead. They were saying i was useless, calling me bad, running straight into enemy turrets, afking, etc. So first of all yasou afked when the game started , so i asked him not to afk when the game starts, then rumble started flaming me and i said thanks top. he said that he muted me and i said, like i care xD, because i don't care if ppl mute me. A few minutes later both mid and top started spampinging me because of a failed gank/because i focused bot. They both decided to hardflame me and decided to troll, both grouping on the same lane 24/7 and i asked rumble to defend his lane and stop taking myjungle farm. He kept on doing it so i told him i recorded it and that i would report him. They ended up hardinting and i asked the enemy team to stop killing them, so it would be somewhat fair for us. So i definitly do not see how i did anything against the rules here? They flamed me and were toxic against me. I never said anything bad about them?! I mean game 1, i might be able to come into that. But game 2. I did nothing bad! And in both games my teammates were super toxic, i just defended myself/did a normal reaction against them. And i even did it in a friendly way. And they were clearly trolling, they wanted to ruin my game. And if i call them a troll, or i say that they are inting. Thats just a fact. IF some1 runs under the enemy turret, how is that not troll? Whats wrong about saying a fact? This sucks, because i am going trought a stressful/depresive period right now and league is a place were i get a lot of my joy from lately. And now they are permabanning me while i did nothing wrong. Please consider unbanning me. Or atleast give me a valid explanation why i got banned, cuz i didn't do anything wrong here. Have a nice day, ChainedUp
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