Why playing this game feels terrible sometimes (my opinion, propably unpopular because im stupid)

People just are too competetive. You guys worship ranked games, ranks, maestry points etc. to the point in which i am afraid of posting my good stats from game on facebook group about league just because this was normal game. People instantly write _YIKES NORMAL_ etc This is stupid. Everyone plays only champions that are in meta, everyone thrashes each other because they are noobs, they have lower rank, they have lower division. Can i just play this game and have fun on normals? No, because someone watch web site with my stats and say "GOLD 1 OMEGALUL" in all chat. No, because entire team flames me when i build gunblade on Elise because MR KOREA DONT DO THAT. %%%% off, unless i am 1/20 you have no valid reason to talk shit about me. I have right to be noob. Can we worship fun instead of ranks, skill and meta? People play mega boring champions like Vladimir, Kassa, Kayle and farm untill 20 minute because this is how they can WIN game. Why we think we need to WIN rather than PLAY games? This is imo the biggest reason why like 50% of games are boring ass and frustrating.
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