Do certain roles attract certain personalities?

first off, yes this is a generalization so it doesnt apply to everybody Ever find yourself thinking "wow why are all '<insert champion>' players so toxic?" or so friendly? I sure have, made me wonder if certain roles just attract certain player types ie. Assassins: in my general experience, egocentric douchebags. Shacos Yasuo Rengars, you know the type (you cant spell assassin without ass ass) where as supports: tend to be much more friendly and positive (lulu, soraka janna) I mean i guess it makes sense, since one class is all about ruining another players day and making the game as anti fun as possible while the other is well support Sadly i notice this a lot more with the former. Whenever I'm curious enough to view a recently played toxic players profiles it's almost always Riven Yasuo Zed most played champions Again Generalizing a bit here, toxic and friendly players come in all roles, shapes and sizes
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