Leavers, real mmr and player skill

I dont want trolls telling me "git gud" when most of the games i lost are either 1v5 since all my team mates feed like there is no tomorrow, or simply 4v5 since someone ragequitts, leaves. RIOT stop this shit matchmaking please, it's like im getting macted with people that need someone to cary them... and they pick carry roles. Either put some IQ test before ranked games or something to prevent people leaving games multiple times in one day or something from even que-ing ranked. Im sick of ragequitters and sickly children who cant understand the basics of their role, FIX IT. Get some training stuff before people can even que ranked.. it's like the quality of players is getting worse and worse from year to year. THEY DONT UNDERSTAND THE BASICS... you are enforcing the META game.. NOW FIX it so people actually know what the META GAME IS!!! CAPS!!11!"!{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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