14 day ban because I got trolled

So I received a 14 day ban today because I got trolled by two players in bot lane, admittedly I did lose my temper a little bit and gave them my 'thoughts' on their actions. But a 14 day ban seems well over the top considering I wasn't even the one trolling. There was a Leona and Nami bot lane, the Leona refused to leash the jungler who started bot side and then both of them proceeded to just sit under tower for half the game while the Leona was just building tears of the goddess and both of them just abusing our jungler all game saying he/she 'doesnt deserve to win' amongst other insults, then just sitting at our fountain essentially afk. While I did say some things I probably shouldn't of said and that was a mistake, I only get very limited free time to play the game and got frustrated after being placed in a game with two people like this. The 14 day ban seems rather harsh considering it was only this games chat log in the report card and I was legitimately playing the game and trying to win even it was a 3v5. Surely if it was the things that I had said, that got me banned then I would of thought a chat restriction would of been punishment enough. Thoughts?
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