I really want to do better

Hey, I've just had my account suspended for 14 days. I'd just come off a ranked game and was immediately given the notification as well as chat logs from three games which I was reported in. Honestly, I don't think my chat is that bad, but as a jungler in silver I have to constantly deal with people complaining and whining about ganks and sometimes even straight up trolling because they don't get what they want. Does Riot tolerate this kind of behavior? It just really grinds me down and I get frustrated when my teammates are constantly spamming pings on me. I do my best to look into strategy, builds, runes, etc and try to keep learning more about the game to give myself an edge, but it just doesn't seem to help, and blaming my team is just an easy excuse, even though I do sometimes feel powerless in a game no matter what I do. I feel like attitude really plays a big part in who ends up winning and mine needs work. Sometimes I really hate this game and wonder why I play it, but I just keep coming back to it for some reason. When my teammates are flaming me and trolling it's just so hard not to rebuke and I really want to know what I said that was bad enough for me to get banned and what I can do to improve, because I think it would make me a better player and person. (Game 1 was the most recent game, which I got banned off. I guess the system is **_AUTOMATED_** since I was banned immediately after the game, no review or anything, but I do see how my behavior was especially bad in this one. I have a hard time controlling it.) Game 1 In-Game ALPHASFCK: ok now im not ganking u ALPHASFCK: look into lane, see u suiciding in front of ur turret ALPHASFCK: this lag ALPHASFCK: can u dont jax ALPHASFCK: take my camps now as well ALPHASFCK: thats a good way to not get ganked u know ALPHASFCK: their jungle lvl 3 LOL ALPHASFCK: jax dont ALPHASFCK: if u do this 0 ganks ALPHASFCK: i will int ur lane ALPHASFCK: nice one ALPHASFCK: noob ALPHASFCK: lmao ALPHASFCK: jax can u do something ALPHASFCK: rep jax hes just going in my jungle and dying ALPHASFCK: look ur turret ALPHASFCK: omfg ur such a %%%%head for doing this ALPHASFCK: really immature ALPHASFCK: muted ALPHASFCK: do u notice that im lagging balls as i stated multiple times ALPHASFCK: ur just inting dude ALPHASFCK: literally just ruining the game for everyone cause i didnt gank u once ALPHASFCK: i would have ganked you if you didnt keep stealing my jungle and dying to it ALPHASFCK: just casuse u dont get what u dont u dont have to int dude ALPHASFCK: no ALPHASFCK: ugh ur so annoying ALPHASFCK: jax why do u have to ruing it ALPHASFCK: rep jax inting ALPHASFCK: hes taking my jungle and feeding all game because i didnt gank him once and he's a little kid ALPHASFCK: mate u got executed by chickens and gromp ALPHASFCK: uninstall ALPHASFCK: jax ALPHASFCK: ur turret ALPHASFCK: ur such a %%%%head jax ALPHASFCK: sum1 pls report this jax ALPHASFCK: I'm not, but you are purposefully trying to lose and I cannot tolerate that ALPHASFCK: muted 5 yo ALPHASFCK: ty for giving lee spree jax now he's worth more gold ALPHASFCK: wp dude nice thinking ALPHASFCK: i see ur strategy ALPHASFCK: omg this lag ALPHASFCK: team ALPHASFCK: pls ALPHASFCK: back now ALPHASFCK: go aback ALPHASFCK: dont fight ALPHASFCK: back ALPHASFCK: wp! ALPHASFCK: what a %%%%% (referring to an enemy in team chat because I was piseed off) ALPHASFCK: im lagging so bad i cant even combo Game 2 In-Game ALPHASFCK: wtf game setarted without me ALPHASFCK: bruh ALPHASFCK: shut up ALPHASFCK: i cant gank atm so play safe guys ALPHASFCK: bot and top u already doing perfect ALPHASFCK: bot back ALPHASFCK: well then ALPHASFCK: or just dont die ALPHASFCK: call it lame all u want but hes beating u ALPHASFCK: its not that hard ALPHASFCK: jst freeze by turret ALPHASFCK: now thats what i call ALPHASFCK: a good gank ALPHASFCK: nice feeding top ALPHASFCK: ty riot ALPHASFCK: did u get ganked ALPHASFCK: once ALPHASFCK: or maybe even 0 times ALPHASFCK: and i was loaded into the game at 1:30 ALPHASFCK: didnt get a buff ALPHASFCK: almost died getting one ALPHASFCK: yet i dont whine ALPHASFCK: oof ALPHASFCK: its aight whats done is done ALPHASFCK: we can win ALPHASFCK: ok ALPHASFCK: well played guys ALPHASFCK: a top laner ALPHASFCK: that is also a jungler ALPHASFCK: sweet ALPHASFCK: no shit ALPHASFCK: im lagging too much to react ALPHASFCK: 15% health ALPHASFCK: are u dumb ALPHASFCK: she can oneshot me ALPHASFCK: omg ALPHASFCK: shut up ALPHASFCK: ur not saying anything useful ALPHASFCK: wp bot ALPHASFCK: ur a scumbag ALPHASFCK: ur muted ALPHASFCK: focus ALPHASFCK: omfg ALPHASFCK: nice feed ALPHASFCK: its just no fun ALPHASFCK: when someone plays a solo lane ALPHASFCK: never gets ganked ALPHASFCK: and manages to get their laner to 7/1 ALPHASFCK: like it doesnt even matter anymore at this point ALPHASFCK: i could just buy tears and run it down mid ALPHASFCK: or try my hardest, wouldnt matter ALPHASFCK: team ALPHASFCK: epic game ALPHASFCK: ez top carry ALPHASFCK: ez top feed Game 3 In-Game ALPHASFCK: pls ward blue side pixel brush ALPHASFCK: ward pls ALPHASFCK: no ALPHASFCK: its my jungle ALPHASFCK: i said no ALPHASFCK: you still tried ALPHASFCK: ur doign fine in lane ALPHASFCK: ur winning ALPHASFCK: orianna what the %%%% ALPHASFCK: they literally ran across the thing ALPHASFCK: in vision ALPHASFCK: and u didnt go turret ALPHASFCK: reported ALPHASFCK: xd ALPHASFCK: umted ALPHASFCK: ok im never following ur calls again rengar ALPHASFCK: full mute ALPHASFCK: pings and chat ALPHASFCK: ur annoying as hell ALPHASFCK: why do i alwas get these taem ALPHASFCK: does nobody look at their map, ward maybe? ALPHASFCK: like idk how braindead people can be ALPHASFCK: is their brain less capable of processing visual data? ALPHASFCK: is it a birth defect? ALPHASFCK: welcome back ALPHASFCK: lanes pls protect ALPHASFCK: ok cool team focus support ALPHASFCK: epic ALPHASFCK: and ur muted ty for informing me ALPHASFCK: i dont get drakes becasue i have to babysit ALPHASFCK: again ALPHASFCK: cant even farm ALPHASFCK: why fight down mid ALPHASFCK: not even near turret ALPHASFCK: instead of defend base ALPHASFCK: team???? ALPHASFCK: helo ALPHASFCK: i pined ALPHASFCK: can u maybe go in ALPHASFCK: again wrogn focus ALPHASFCK: look score ALPHASFCK: yet u focus midlaner ALPHASFCK: who is irrelevant ALPHASFCK: no focus twitch ALPHASFCK: usual ALPHASFCK: unsurprising ALPHASFCK: 19/6 ALPHASFCK: no let me focus some random irrelevant champ ALPHASFCK: %%%%ing annoying ALPHASFCK: nobody focuses u twitch ALPHASFCK: wp guys ALPHASFCK: u somehow messed it up
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