Permabanned for flaming myself?

Game 1 Durikdo: i know Durikdo: yea Durikdo: dont know Durikdo: yea they are actualy trash Durikdo: the like r2hkh28 something Durikdo: f Durikdo: dfsfsdfsdg Durikdo: fk i forgot i had barrier Durikdo: you dont say xd Durikdo: you couldve also just made Durikdo: yioutgbv Durikdo: im just an idiot Durikdo: why did i try to fight Durikdo: why do you play it then Durikdo: big wave Durikdo: hahahhahah xd Durikdo: taric can they see the link between us when im in q+ Durikdo: oops Durikdo: just let jax chill for a bit Durikdo: well Durikdo: gg Durikdo: riven can solo win now tbh Durikdo: well Durikdo: she has done that once Durikdo: no Durikdo: ur bad Durikdo: ff 15? Durikdo: hhaha xd Durikdo: why didnt you tell anyone you were autofilled Durikdo: and if youre autofilled Durikdo: why would you pick a carry champ Durikdo: ni Durikdo: no i wouldnt Durikdo: i would have picked a tank champ that is easy to play if i was top Durikdo: and i would have been under tower Durikdo: whole game Durikdo: so the jungle shouldnt be able to get a lvl 3 kill Durikdo: and kill me over and over again Durikdo: no farm under tower Durikdo: well this game is over Durikdo: haha ur a joke jax Durikdo: stfu Durikdo: 0/4 Durikdo: i onlt died 2 times Durikdo: you died 4 times Durikdo: 5* Durikdo: solo killed 3-4 times Durikdo: .... Durikdo: sej fault? Durikdo: gg Durikdo: report jax pls Durikdo: int Durikdo: i use poison Durikdo: ofc im toxic Durikdo: yea you killed him twice or once Durikdo: and then he kept getting solo killed for the rest of the game Durikdo: well my kda is better Durikdo: i havent died for nothing Durikdo: i might have died to a 5/1 fed riven Durikdo: and what kind of kid are you Durikdo: a objective player Durikdo: who dies for objectives Durikdo: even tho you got none Durikdo: and you are as well Durikdo: :) Durikdo: hahah Durikdo: zed 49 wr Durikdo: ur more stuck then i am Game 2 Durikdo: sorry Durikdo: you sure she healde Durikdo: nice Durikdo: 3/0 ahri Durikdo: hmm Durikdo: she might be a problem Durikdo: yea Durikdo: :/ Durikdo: :O Durikdo: wp Durikdo: fk Durikdo: lets win this Durikdo: shouldve ulted Durikdo: wp Durikdo: mb Durikdo: mb Durikdo: vi did Durikdo: i know Durikdo: im actually Durikdo: so stupid Durikdo: okay Durikdo: im afk Durikdo: cya ill uninstall Durikdo: let me Durikdo: cause tilted apes Durikdo: get tanky vi Durikdo: gg Durikdo: jungle useless Durikdo: af Durikdo: vi Durikdo: didnt do anything Durikdo: im no tilted? Durikdo: nami was tilted whole game Durikdo: caause Durikdo: some reason Durikdo: no wards Durikdo: anywjere Durikdo: gg Durikdo: better jungler wins 1. the first toxic thing i said was talking with a teammate about a team which i thought was bad or as said trash 2. the rest of the game i was aguing with jax about him dying alot i wasnt flaming wasnt saying he was bad just said that he should've picked a tank if he was autofilled and said we should ff at 15 bc the game was over in my mind 3. then i said report jax which i shouldn't have to be honest but i did, then i said i was toxic as in a joke bc i was playing twitch and he uses toxicness Game 2 here the only thing im really doing is saying IM stupid not my teammates then bc our mid laner orianna said she would afk or something i cant really remember i began joking about it and said ill uninstall bc she told me to, then i said vi was useless bc she didnt do alot this game which i shouldn't have i agree, and at last i said better jungler wins. overall i havent cursed or said any bad words the only thing i really did was flame myself for my own mistakes saying IM stupid not my team saying an lcs team was bad because me and my teammate were talking about it and saying someone were useless once I dont really think you should be banned permantly for this since my last warning was 2-5 months ago which is a long time i think if you get a 2 week ban then after 3 months it should reset. what i mean is you should be permabanned this easily. For me this is like i would rather mute all on my team and never talk ever in chat then write bc this is what happens it seems This is just sad for me because i used over 300 euro on this game and i've had this account since season 2 and i actually kinda pissed off because of this if you would please unban my account i promise i will never ever flame again and if i do you can just permaban me again and thats it {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
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