Goodbye League!

Hello fellow summoners.Its Hodor here.Playing from the mid of 4th season, and by playing i mean that the longest pause i took from the game was 2 weeks.I love this game and company although sometimes it drew the worst of me as charachter.Never been banned or chat restricted during this 4 and a half seasons of mine.Every season im playing around 1000 rank games and enjoy my gaming exp.Today i recived my first 14 days ban.It feels bad man, rly bad.Especially when u dont rly deserve the ban.Idk for others but for me it was devastating cuz as i said i love this game and i put a lot of hours in it.I was playing Jhin at bot lane and got hard flamed by Lucian mid who rage quit and kept talking ussual stuff.I ussualy ignore flaming or use mute but that Lucian said something that really triggered me. I quote "Go back to ur house and keep living with ur %%%%%%ed family, oh w8 u dnt have a family".I have some private issues in my family and the "%%%%%%" thing rly got to me and then i explode and flamed him rly hard.I know that by doing that i get on flamers level and is bad for the game and for me as charachter but hey, we all are people and have our cons.Random people saying ugly things for my family is the thing that jumps on my nerves.And riot banned me man.Idk what to say more.It's not fair.Letting the real flamers got away with 0 punishment while everyone else taking their punishments.Its really not fair.And now i DONT WANT TO EVER EVER EVER log in my acc.I deleted the game and everything i had connected to it in my PC.I know that eventually i would end up playing some games since the fact i have a lot of friends that plays this game but never again from my PC.That would be 2-3 games per month from some net caffes.Thats it from me, i rly had fun during regularly paying this game but this is it.Tnx for reading this and i wish u all the best. Hodor ! P.S ( Sorry for my bad english, its not my native)
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