Reporting A Player.

Reporting a player after a game have become a league of leegends tradition that can not be left without being practised Player after game is over with a defeat: -Alright so, who are we reporting guys? *Looks at scores* -ok so this guy wasn't very useful and he didn't gank lets report him for inting and verbal abuse! We have reached a level in this game where u just HAVE to blame your loss on someone else because u are just TOO good at this game and there is no way u made any mistake in this matchup. you just ignore all the flaws in your overall gameplay and decided to throw all the blame on one person who was "feeding" becuase he was being one shot by a mid laner or who was "flamming" because he asked for someone to be reported for playing poorly. like, what the %%%% is up guys? can't we look at the mistakes that we have done? the mistake is yours if you where not able to carry your adc as a sup or if u where engaging poorly or if you where not communicating, ITS NOT SOMEONE'S ELSE FAULT THAT YOU PLAY POORLY! Just look at your flaws, try to fix them, then just apply the lessons to the games.
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