Cursing in own language (not EN)

Is this ever going to be banned? It's still flaming you know ... I recently played a tryndamere top game on normal blind pick and I got an enemy tryndamere on the lane also. Minions haven't even popped out of their spawn and i am getting wrecked in all chat, flamed, blamed, cursed by this enemy trynda for going ignite instead of teleport. I mean like ... it's my personal choice what summoner spells I use, right? And then again, since I ended 8/1 and him 2/6, seemed the right move after all, because I won and my team was happy with my split push, even happier when going 4/0 against this kid in the lane. So back to the title: is there anything to be done? End-game report did nothing unfortunately, I haven't received that instand feedback report I get when I report constant flamers which use english language ...
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