A Detailed Reply To These Low Effort "Players Should Not Be Banned For Toxicity" Threads

So, frequently, some players who got punished come up with some low effort threads that usually have the same points. Here is a comparison between what they claim and the reality: - "Toxic players are usually dedicated and they hate to lose and don't int". Reply: Toxic players are usually so bad and they flame just to feel better about themselves. Most of toxic players I've seen are either solo laners who were losing 1v1 and blaming the junger for that or an ADC who cannot dodge enemy support spells and blame his support for that. I remember my 0/7 Riven flaming and wishing our team's families death, because she got ganked once (she was 0/4 at the time) while dying 6 other times solo to enemy Darius. This guy is not dedicated, he just needs to blame others for how garbage he is. mote than 70% of toxic players flame when they misplay to feel better, because they can't just admit they are bad. - "Instead of banning toxic playes, you have to ban inters who actually lose the game and cause others to be toxic". Reply: I agree that a better system has to be implemented to punish players who "soft int" because they usually go unpunished. However, toxic players lose the game even harder than inters. I will not talk about the toxic players who feed and blame, because we already did. I'm talking about players who do well and flame others. If you are 5/0 on Illaoi top and you flame your 1/6 Khazix, you actually destroted the game because: Khazix will play even worse and flame back, other team members will join the party and flame "the noob useless jg" and you will lose concentration because you need to flame him even harder because" how dare that trash jungler flame me back while I carry his tits". More than 80% of the time when my team start hard flaming each other and things get out of control, we lose because actually no one is playing anymore they are busy just raging. - "We are human beings and we have emotions. You can't just ban someone because he/she lost his/her temper in one game". Reply: statistically, more than 93% of the players never got a 14-day ban. I believe that 99% of players, including myself for sure, has lost their temper at least few times. If people were getting banned for that, almost everyone would at least get a 14-day ban, so maybe you are just much more toxic than you think. Maybe you need to control you "emotions" more because hating and offending other players because you are losing a ranked game is so childish. This is a video game, bro. You will not get money when you promote from bronze or something. And those who you offend are other human being and they also have "emotions". - "I've spent a lot of money and put in a lot of time in this game, banning me just for saying some words is stupid". Reply: There is an invention calles "terms of use" and u don't own the account. If you abuse it, they get it back and ban you. "But who the hell reads these anyways?". Actually almost no one does. So you get warned ever single time when you get punished that there is a possibility you may lose your account. If you ignore all that and keep doing that, you deserve to be perma banned for your stupidity alone. Let alone your toxicity. - "You should remind people that mute exists. Why ban toxic players when you can just mute them?". Reply: it's not exactly the same thing, but this is like saying "you should not punish someone for wounding another because hospitals exist" or "i's fine to burn someone else's house because firefighters will come". Again, it's not as bad, but you get the idea. By the time people mute you, in case they chose to mute instead of flaming back which is rare, you have already ruined their game. What about you remind yourself that "self control exist" and "this is just a game after all. even in the heat of competition you need to have fun and let others have fun as well". - "How am I supposed not to flame when I lose every game because of AFK and feeders". Reply: I've lost many games because of people who intentionally feed of go AFK, but there were other games where the feeders and AFK players on the enemy team. I personally played my 1st ranked season that last season. I climbed from Bronze 3 into gold. I got out of Bronze and Silver that people considered "elo hell that is full of trolls". You don't lose every game because of the team, you need to improve and focus on your mistakes instead of flaming others for their mistakes. I was in bronze with 42% win rate and I thought I never get a good team until my Plat friend forced me to watch one of my games replays. I was completely shocked of how bad I am and I only started climbing when I realized I needed to improve. - "Why do we have to pretend to be positive when we are losing 2 inhibs at 17 mins?". Reply: no one has ever forced or asked you to be positive or to always type "nice things like WP, GJ or nice". I've never seen someone banned for not typing these things. Just don't go ham on others and u will be fine. If you wanna discuss anything, you are more than welcome. Have a nice day.
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