Rito's system is shit.

I like league of legends.It's a cool game for me no matter what people say for it.I enjoy it quite a lot.Even recently I'm trying to improve a bit by bit (even tho i haven't improved before and i played for 4 seasons),yet something that always makes me not wanna play this game is the community.When I play a game,I expect my team not to be a bunch of dumb thugs,which can't do shit,I'm sure everyone doesn't want this.Yet,sometimes it happens,but not only to me,so I accept it and still try.But there is one thing that always annoys me.Toxic behavior towards people not being 6666666/0/6666666 .It's actually completely disgusting.This is the only thing i hate more than people surrendering in the middle of a game or even early,because of a reason,yet they are left alone,but some people who are flamed constantly get punished?OK,I know i'm not a flower myself,I won't just stay and tell them,yes i'm garbage and go afk.I will try.I will try my hardest,yet why do people think you are trolling?I'm defending people who feed,but try their hardest.I'm trying to be nice to them or just give them a tip on how to do better.I don't go and flame them,yet there are people who flame and flame and flame and they think they are correct.Ego players get things going their way,while people who have bad time,but are still trying get actually punished?It's probably not only with me,but leaving flame get away,while punishing someone who gets tilted because of these guys(but still tries to play and win) is fair,right?I don't want my punishment to go away,because I'm at fault for it,but I don't want to get flamed,just because i'm not with a hypercarry score and get the negative attitude of someone to influence the game in 5th minute,just because something bad happened.This happens a lot lately and it makes me want to quit again.I like this game,I really do.The community kills the enjoyment,because they can't be just a bunch of thugs.They want to be better than you and will make anything just to smash your confidence and make you not play at all.Some people want to win,but they can't do it when they think they are better and need to leave someone off.It happened recently,too.It's tiring to listen to everyone's complains.AND YES,I KNOW THE /MUTE ALL ARGUMENT.It's just that it makes it less enjoyable.It makes you not want to meet new people,it makes you think you are something more,it makes you think you don't need them.Communication is a key,yet people don't realise it.I hate making posts,but I think this is necessary to be adressed.If someone has to say something,I want to hear your opinion.I don't want to hear %%%%%%ed comments as to git gut scrub and stuff,because that attitude inspires such things as the ones above.
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