Players facing no consequences for attempting to bullying others out of their role.

As of right now, players are free to be toxic as they please and unless another player wants to go through the effort of submitting of support ticket, or contacting Riot's twitter, they face absolutely no consequences whatsoever. It's astonishing that we're now in season 9 and Riot has still been unable to implement a report button, or compensate the players who are forced to dodge, to avoid wasting their time and the other 8 players. It's simple. Riot, implement a report button in champion select and allow us to mute in champion select. We're literally forced to just tolerate players being abusive and using offensive language. I'm so sick of having to dodge games due to others, knowing full well they'll receive no punishment for their actions, while I have. Many might argue I should just play out the game, take the loss and report him after. Of course, that's absurd. Not only is it not an enjoyable experience for anybody, but how's the rank ladder suppose to be a legitimate record of players standing and skill, if people are just giving out free wins/loses? I have more screenshots of toxic behaviour in champion select if needed. - Bunnypow
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