The worst game ever

Hello everyone, today was my most traumatic and negative experience in LoL over 3 years of play. I lost the ranked placement game. From the very beginning, everything was not very good. The guys died in the enemy forest, and my support (He played the bard) was late for the experience from the first wave. For this reason, Bard died on the first level. I was left alone, but no, not for 30 seconds, and not even for a minute, for 10 difficult minutes for me. A jgler or midlaner tried to help me, but everything was useless, we fought together against three and they died every time, and I died once. At this time, Bard, and he was in a duet with a toplaner, made a couple of kills with Nasus on the top and began to wander around the map, but ignored my side and did not help at all. Nasus with insults kicked me out from under the second tower, where I tried to get something in gold. Mider and the forester died a couple more times, this time I stood toplin, I was level 9, I stood 1 on 1 against Darius on my pathetic and weak Rat. Disgusting sensations. I farm toplane and tried to buy something, ran away from enemies with the help of my invisibility, bought wards and still saved up for Edge. At this time, the enemies tried to tear down the third tower and they succeeded, but I managed to go in time and outplayed enemy Fizz, Darius and Zerat with the help of Flash, Healing and my own skills on the Rat. So this incredibly exhausting game began, somewhere we did the Baron, somewhere enemies, I tried to control objects, practically did not die (I died 4 times during the whole game) and in every way annoyed the enemies, in general, I played as I could. At that time, Nasus, along with Bard, constantly flamed me, mocked, wrote extremely harsh racist and disgusting comments about me and of course relished my every death, even if I killed 3 enemies or took away valuable objects. And here was the end of the game, we killed one enemy and I went alone on the botlane, at the moment when my team decided to besiege the midlane and crushed the enemies, I took down the enemy tower and already wanted to kill the inhibitor, but saw that my team even the baron's gain died 4 against three (as the enemy Fizz moved to me), I tried to do something, eventually killed the enemy Zerat and almost managed to kill Fizz (and it was really difficult, because he had much better potential than I ), but at this time the enemy shooter and toplaner were able to pick up our last two towers about Nexus and finished the game. What did I do wrong, how could I win? For what I got 4 reports at the end of the game and the whole team just flamed me the whole game? I tried as best I could, it was the level of the game as much as I used to, but I had to constantly adjust and play 1 against 9, and still I lost this game, I lost qualifications, received a warning on the report and most likely even lost the level of honor. I would write to the reddit, but everyone there and always do not care about such stories. Thanks if you read. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
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