14-Day Suspension

Hm last night I was a ''bit toxic'' and not feeling so well so i jumped on a League game and played sion. It Went pretty good and then after a while a wild Yasuo appeared and won the game 1v9. I was tilting a lot but it was only that game and now it says that i wont be able to get rewards anymore.. Is that the Season rewards or hextech crafting only? anyone else that suffered from this Before and can tell me about it cuz its my first time getting a suspension. i've been Clean for so long and one game at 4:04 am got me banned. Is there anyway I can esacpe this ban? Can i just apologize to something? / someone? I need some help from the Toxic players that has been punished Before + don't hate on my English it's not the best. /The hunter {{champion:32}}
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