Finally made it!!!

Hello. I just got promoted to Gold today and I'm a bit high and excited, I know Gold is not that much of big deal compared to higher ranks. But I feel that my PATIENCE has been rewarded, after all the ups and downs, that person who afk and ragequit, all these trollers who try to get you down, these toxic flamers who insult me but I reply with :"I'll just keep my chatlog clean" then continue my game.. That nice feels when I get that report feedback that someone who was being toxic to me has been punished <3 That feelings Rito rewards you with Sportsmanship badge That feelings you climg from Bronze 5 to Silver And then to Gold That honorable badge of Solo Queue My message to you is... Never give up my friends who are still in bronze or Silver!!! Keep playing and have trust in yourself and your team!! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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