i am accully glad to be banned for 14 days, at least i don't have to play this game again

people pick akali support and trolling,with doran shield and take farms , why can't i int and have some fun too xD, 1 game trolling 14 days ban seems ok for me, at least i had fun. after reading the comment OK now i just want make it clear for you guys, first i auto fill all the times because i want those player enjoy the game because i can play all the roles, second that akali is instant lock because someone play mid or top, third this is prob the only game i accully int in 4 years time plus i haven't flame for 2 years since my last ban, also the last 5 games i auto fill 3 times adc, 2 of the time my support just roam like 'pros' and let me bot 1v3, their jungler just keep gank me and gank me and diving me, the rest 3 game i had afk or int, my games experince is ruined, and i trolled 1 game and i get 14 days banned, so why those people who ruined my experince didn't get banned in the first place ? by the way that game i have a 0-7-0 yasuo, and a 1-7-0 lux, so they are int as well ? and i am 0-15-1 but i die to tower most of the time, i am accualy give less gold to them xD
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