Do smurfs ruin ranked?

In my last ranked games i noticed alot of smurfs. How do i know? Well i played with 2 Silver 1 with 1 100% winrate and over 10 times played. They end up carring the game.Even tahaugh i was on their team it felt undeserved,just cause i had the luck getting with this duo I won. But thats not the main problem. "Smurfs" joining your game telling you that your promos dont matter just cause im gold or i dont deserver to win cause i failed my flash etc. The want to lose on purpose just to upset you cause they are untargetable,"its just my smurf idc if i lose". Another Example Gold2 Promos 1 win 1 lose:First msg :"Bot or feed" In my opinion thats really unsportmanlike telling your team that either you give them their role or they lose you the game.(and again smurfs they dont care at all) I get the feeling that im a less valuable (im not a native Speaker xD)then them just cause they are "plat"/"dia"smurfs. Just cause its preseason doesent mean that ranked is the place to troll now. Btw this duo was a singed lee lane.(They went 7/14 or something like this) Playing without an adc hurts me as a main but i was like maybe it works. I got really fed and i was able to swing the game in my favour as vi. We had 2 inhibs after singed decieded to split push all the time . Why ? Idk he said stfu gold scrub. We lost the game Enemy lucian the more then a singed adc. And thats one example on how to lose your promos twice. Pls tell me your thaughts on how smurfs impact ranked soloq.
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