sexist turkey server employees and ban without proof or solid answer(FULL ENGLISH THIS TIME )

Hello friends, I would like to tell you a story about how i got banned for two weeks and what are wrong with it i was selecting champ when system sent me a message about my 2 weeks bann and i auto dodged by the system and it told me to relog and see the chatlog about my ban. I did. below here is the chatlog in english: Pre-Game Support Kennen: heal ?= In-Game Support Kennen: mf bro .. Support Kennen: dont waste your skills if u get stunned Support Kennen: wait for their runes to dimisnish first Support Kennen: dont get hooked? Support Kennen: dont get hooked? Support Kennen: i muted this simple minded Support Kennen: eats hooks and spams me Support Kennen: oh my god Support Kennen: y not ulti brand ? Support Kennen: pls report this toxic adc Support Kennen: you saw that was intentional feeding Support Kennen: he went there intentionally Support Kennen: it figures that you 2 are premades Support Kennen: with miss fortune Support Kennen: toxic duo Support Kennen: i ll mute you also Support Kennen: look goin bot lane Support Kennen: baron is on Support Kennen: they ll see you Support Kennen: and baron is gone Support Kennen: fiora brother Support Kennen: i ll try to shadow you Support Kennen: lets stick together Support Kennen: look at these premades Support Kennen: im sure that they are premade Support Kennen: but not human Support Kennen: nobody told them about morality Support Kennen: what is that? Support Kennen: how so? Support Kennen: how did i die Support Kennen: ok there is bleeding but i got %30 hp Support Kennen: push top Support Kennen: baron gone Support Kennen: they should take the inhi bot Support Kennen: no brains i guess Support Kennen: instead they went and died at baron pit Support Kennen: ehuehuehu Support Kennen: pls report Support Kennen: i ll hit hard from now on Support Kennen: lets hide Support Kennen: we ll loose like this Support Kennen: need backdoor Support Kennen: gg Support Kennen: report toxic duo pls Support Kennen: they are running on map like dogs only Support Kennen: lets forget about them and try to finish the game Support Kennen: not much else to do Support Kennen: but its over now Post-Game Support Kennen: report pls Support Kennen: mf annie i ve got the replay of the game i did sent it to riot in my ticket... and i can send it to any1 interested. i ll tell you what happened and if u want proof you can watch the game and see for yourself.. mf bot lane i am support xerath and annie mid lane... mf dies to thresh hooks and blames me for not havind any skills to cover for her. after she does it 2 times she decides to go between enemy towers and int. and i am getting my mother and my god and almost everything f**** .. curses everywhere so i mute mf... than we see annie is 0 6 and its only 10 mins in game maybe before that... after she curses and i muted her too we top jung and i decided to carry this 3 people... by the time we kill their inhibitor we are only 3 people.. annie and mf are constantly feeding as their score after the game they both died 17 times... we try to make em get in the game again but toxic duo decides to go to a lane and die ... and pls try to remember i never got any warnings before and my chat filter always on and i am playing this game since season 2 so when i saw this chatlog i thought there must be a mistake ... no warning? no chatban but 2 weeks ban? for calling toxic people running like dogs ? than i decided to make a ticket for it .. answer came 3 days ago saying there must be a system error and the chatlog i saw wasnt the issue for my ban. and they sent me another chatlog: here it is in english: [4:24] [All] Support Kennen (Kennen): we ll see [8:44] [All] Support Kennen (Kennen): y are you quiet now? [9:05] [All] Support Kennen (Kennen): than y did you talked like a woman at start ? :) [9:50] Support Kennen (Kennen): ah i couldnt give it to r at lvl 6 [9:51] Support Kennen (Kennen): he was hitting me [13:32] [All] Support Kennen (Kennen): ehuehuehu [14:44] Support Kennen (Kennen): udy will be mad [15:49] Support Kennen (Kennen): i was here [15:56] Support Kennen (Kennen): how can i come to you? [20:18] Support Kennen (Kennen): you should base there bro :) [22:19] Support Kennen (Kennen): gj nasus [22:25] Support Kennen (Kennen): those runes worked:) [22:28] Support Kennen (Kennen): never expected this [25:06] Support Kennen (Kennen): ez do you have premade ? [27:15] Support Kennen (Kennen): i saw nasus and went in [27:18] Support Kennen (Kennen): penta coming i tought [27:39] Support Kennen (Kennen): ez if u like a premade you can call me you are nice [28:16] Support Kennen (Kennen): didnt see it [30:40] [All] Support Kennen (Kennen): dont do it like a woman now now let me give you info about this game .... i was kennen support:) ... and opposing side got a premade bot lane with soraka support when i died at match start.. they said who takes kennen sup u ll loose and i said lets see than i killed em and said y are u soo quiet now .. and they said we wont talk like a woman like you and when i killed em again and when they started to cry i said than y did you talked like a woman at start ? :) and when game was ending and they allchat cried like 20 minutes i said dont do it :) so i dont think there was anything to get me banned for 2 weeks in this chatlog neither... but i saw on the mail riot sent me the talks about "talking like a woman" were BALDED ... and it must the be right chatlog because it wasnt sent to me by blitzcrank.. it was riots employee. so i thought: what a sexist guy... thinking the voice of a woman as a harrasment or cursing and give me 2 weeks without any chatban or anything... and u must know tr server... im sure u know the toxicicity of it... in a regular game my mom f---- 20 times.. and get called son... b... and others ... its like the normal here... thinkin some1 ll think this sexist and gave me 2 weeks ban is notorious .... im 36 and i got a wife... and i think talking like a woman sentense is not a good sentense.. but thinking its sexist is the sexist thing of all..... now what did i do next? i reply the ticket that i did nothing wrong on both of the chatlogs and the thinking of riot employees are sexist... than i got a message about summoner code and ticket is closed.... after it i try tr boards for help ... sending chatlogs and telling my story... in 10 minutes my post got deleted... and i got a msg from mod to dont seek help here seek in tickets... there are 100 of board entries like mine and they did not get deleted... so i post it again ... and i got a 24 hour boards ban and it got deleted again .... after that i decided to send a mail to Nicolo Laurent via facebook and try my luck at eune boards... because of my lack in english and posting the board half turkish most thought i am the sexist 1 .. or toxic... and i decided to make this post a little bit easier for you to read... lastly... i want answers pls for these questions.. y didnt i get any warnings but got a 2 weeks ban... y riot tr employees thinks "talking like a woman" sentense is sexist? what would happen if i was a girl and make that chat ? y the chatlog i posted and my opinions about the matter gets deleted on boards ? y is my tickets gets closed without any solid answers ?
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