Boosters'nd smurfs in LoL overall.

When you meet 1 booster it's bad. When you meet 2 of them. You just feel like riot ain't doing their job! I been having constant Boosters in both my team (but mostly enemy team) which just makes me not able to do anything. And their attitude as "Gold players sucks, you will never climb out of gold"... How do you respond to such comment? With a pure report for cheating? I doubt it will help. I do hate that my promo's I completely thought I would win after 6 games winning streak is a loss due to 3 boosters who doesn't understand what a challenge is. Like how do you even play against people who plays 3x better than yourself do. There's legit nothing that can be done than watching their match history with 20 wins in row and Some changed summernor spells. I hate them... I never smurf or boosted in my life, why do people do this? I don't understand what's the fun about winning against people who doesn't give up a good challenge? I understand most boosters do it for money.. and same for smurfs.. They sell accounts and then making a new smurf to sell. Sooo fun. STOP IT! How do these people even get banned?? Riot even told us smurfs doesn't get banned, but when smurfing is like a drug-selling use it's a bs thing to keep in the game. The only thing I see smurfing is good for is changing religion without transferring account and/or being perma banned and needing to make a new account. (which shouldn't be legal neither). Riot please answer why you keep smurfs in the game... And why boosters are so hard to get banned?
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