14 day ban

So i'll get to the point. Can someone explain how the chat below justifies me getting a 14 day ban? I will try to explain what happened each game as much as possible. What's strange is that normally the Games are meant to be in order of being reported. But Game 1 was just finished a couple minutes ago and was reported by the fizz and jinx for verbal abuse. Game 1 Pre-Game Obbymaulerz: dont ban jhin Obbymaulerz: ah hate renekton In-Game Obbymaulerz: i hate renekton so much Obbymaulerz: renekton + pony in one team, tryhards. Obbymaulerz: nice reaction fizz Obbymaulerz: yi u need to start doing ganks Obbymaulerz: wtf wa that. Obbymaulerz: guess its over. Obbymaulerz: our jungler is brain afk Obbymaulerz: heca came twice. Obbymaulerz: yi came only to die. Obbymaulerz: and jinx u gave fb double kill in bot. Obbymaulerz: within 5 mins Obbymaulerz: learn to look at map Obbymaulerz: you should look at map Obbymaulerz: a lane gank is different Obbymaulerz: cant ward that Obbymaulerz: it was warded lool Obbymaulerz: yi are u acc a first time yi? Obbymaulerz: gg renek Obbymaulerz: fizz wants to report me loooool Obbymaulerz: that was ur own fault Obbymaulerz: dont flame kiddo Obbymaulerz: i didnt int him jinx Obbymaulerz: yi did Obbymaulerz: i didnt Obbymaulerz: i died once Obbymaulerz: then yi died twice Obbymaulerz: look at replay dip sht Obbymaulerz: clearly i did Obbymaulerz: cry more Obbymaulerz: good Obbymaulerz: well deserved Obbymaulerz: well Obbymaulerz: deserved Obbymaulerz: dont flame Obbymaulerz: just stop type Obbymaulerz: i didnt flame jinx. Obbymaulerz: i asked yi to gank not die. Obbymaulerz: whatever u say jinx Obbymaulerz: i backed Obbymaulerz: nice to see u cry like a kid Obbymaulerz: stop ur crying Obbymaulerz: and play Obbymaulerz: nah Obbymaulerz: gives more evidence to report and get u chat restricted Obbymaulerz: what for Obbymaulerz: toxic? yeah right rofl Obbymaulerz: troll pick? not at all Obbymaulerz: wp pyke Obbymaulerz: im loving the flame from fizz and jinx Obbymaulerz: its amusing af Obbymaulerz: you mean die to you twice? Obbymaulerz: then get stomped on afterwards? Obbymaulerz: dont ping mw Obbymaulerz: well u flame Obbymaulerz: u wont get help Obbymaulerz: its ok morg Obbymaulerz: i understand Obbymaulerz: i work with pyke Obbymaulerz: report jinx pls Obbymaulerz: coz i got red she inted Obbymaulerz: lmao. u and fizz flame me. not me flaming anyone Obbymaulerz: wp pyke Obbymaulerz: u and me carry this Obbymaulerz: gg wp Obbymaulerz: was a fun game Obbymaulerz: as long as u report jinx and fizz for the same Obbymaulerz: Ty draven Obbymaulerz: heca i agree Obbymaulerz: gg wp Post-Game Obbymaulerz: if you check chat record Obbymaulerz: fizz and jinx flamed me so much Obbymaulerz: and i didnt flame at all. Obbymaulerz: gg wp pyke Obbymaulerz: u carried this Obbymaulerz: you need to learn what hard flame is jinx Obbymaulerz: loooool Obbymaulerz: called me garbage Obbymaulerz: yet i held the game till late. Obbymaulerz: jinx Obbymaulerz: u inted, Obbymaulerz: dying twice early aint int Obbymaulerz: but ok Obbymaulerz: draven Obbymaulerz: yes u did Obbymaulerz: u flamed from mid to end game. Obbymaulerz: yi dived renek twice Obbymaulerz: while he had 200 hp Obbymaulerz: tell her that lol Obbymaulerz: tell me about it. Obbymaulerz: ty pyke Obbymaulerz: more than 10 min bro Obbymaulerz: more like 25 mins In Game 1, I was playing jhin against a renek top and heca jung combo (Yes, unusual pick), so early game was pretty much me trying to face renekton. I asked yi to start ganking coz heca was pretty much ganking every lane and I needed some help. Instead yi pretty much came top with barely any health just to die to renek. After doing this twice, renekton was 4/0 and curb stomped me with heca making my kda 1/5. Yes I said to yi that if he is first time as yi, coz in plat elo it is very suspicious for a jungler to gank with barely health then never come back after screwing up. In the mean time, jinx and fizz started spamming "report jhin for feed and troll pick" from that moment onwards, in our chat and in all chat. I told them to stop flame, guess that fell on deaf ears. They spam ping me missing when they all die and im farming up in a lane. Its obviously clear I am unable to do any damage or help properly during teamfights so I simply farm till im caught up. They die, so they flame and ask reports. Yi didn't speak the whole game and pyke was supporting me trying to stall the game till super late. Yes I could of handled it much better but in the end I got tilted. We ended up winning coz the enemy started to make mistakes and caught them out. Even after the game ended, pyke and fizz kept flaming non stop all the while asking for reports, only pyke supported my side and understood what happened. Please explain how this makes me "verbal abusive". This was the 2nd match before the most recent. (Note: This was after 2 matches of getting bug splat aka client crash dump, preventing me from entering the game. Game 2 Pre-Game Obbymaulerz: yes Obbymaulerz: lets see if i can get into game Obbymaulerz: bug splat op In-Game Obbymaulerz: anyone been getting those crash dumps lately? Obbymaulerz: its so sad, lost 2 games coz of it. Obbymaulerz: riot dont even give a loss prevented Obbymaulerz: im the one losing lp Obbymaulerz: yh :* Obbymaulerz: jayce why do u rely on seju? Obbymaulerz: go afk Obbymaulerz: j4 come top again ok Obbymaulerz: USE IT Obbymaulerz: wasted it on mid. Obbymaulerz: dumbass Obbymaulerz: lol what? i couldnt e the wall? Obbymaulerz: that wall i was meant to Obbymaulerz: yh Obbymaulerz: our jungler is chat restricted? Obbymaulerz: did u for real follow me all the way. Obbymaulerz: how tf he even knew i was there Obbymaulerz: warded Obbymaulerz: f off Obbymaulerz: engage Obbymaulerz: 4v5.. Obbymaulerz: ok ima just split Obbymaulerz: its clear team doesnt wanna group and push Obbymaulerz: under tower Obbymaulerz: none of u even do anything. Obbymaulerz: so whats the point Obbymaulerz: jayce gtfo pls Obbymaulerz: you guys do nothing but fiddle ur thumbs. Obbymaulerz: taking towers Obbymaulerz: unlike you all Obbymaulerz: you all died Obbymaulerz: lost inhib Obbymaulerz: i took inhib tower nearly inhib as well Obbymaulerz: why? Obbymaulerz: we get nothing. Obbymaulerz: i told u this before Obbymaulerz: u all group and do nothing, Obbymaulerz: gg wp Post-Game Obbymaulerz: n point grouping if j4 nor nami engages. Obbymaulerz: just wasting time in mid Obbymaulerz: right. u couldnt even defend In Game 2, I was playing Caitlyn and I pretty much was talking with jayce who was on enemy team. Near end game, my tristana kept flaming me saying why I am dying a lot (I was 2/9, yes it looks awful, I was stomped.), I am garbage etc etc. Nami told me to group but I told the team that there was no point of grouping as they did nothing when grouped, no push no objectives no catching enemy. So I decided to just split and get towers while my team defends. They got caught and died mid and lost inhib, while I pushed all of top and took inhib tower. Then restarts the flaming spree. I obviously spoke back trying to justify what happened. So im confused how the chat above is verbally abusive? Game 3 Pre-Game Obbymaulerz: you're bad. In-Game Obbymaulerz: she missed Obbymaulerz: vlad got fb fml. Obbymaulerz: dat pink Obbymaulerz: wp Obbymaulerz: ty Obbymaulerz: everything Obbymaulerz: wp jinx Obbymaulerz: i muted lux Obbymaulerz: can tell she is extremely toxic Obbymaulerz: tf and lux is boosted Obbymaulerz: can u report lux please, very toxic flamer Obbymaulerz: dude she is flaming seju and me a lot. Obbymaulerz: thanks man Obbymaulerz: jinx Obbymaulerz: why did u lie Obbymaulerz: u lie u die. Obbymaulerz: bg wp Obbymaulerz: i didnt flame once? Obbymaulerz: he gold card the minion lol Obbymaulerz: you're hearing typed words? Post-Game Obbymaulerz: lux is so toxic oh god. Obbymaulerz: seju Obbymaulerz: u didnt even gank This was the most confusing one. Game 3 happened 8 games before Game 1, so why it was listed I honestly don't know. Lux flamed the moment we got into lane over my vayne pick, so I said to team that I muted her. Twisted Fate was absolutely boosted and yes I said it. Coz I lost lane, jinx flamed and lied to enemy saying I flamed. Honestly, yes this was slight flame, but this definitely doesn't justify a 14 day ban. Before you ask, I was already at 25 chat restricted and finished a while back and unlocked the honor. But this shouldn't give a 14 day...
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