A lovely letter

I just wanted to say THANK YOU! You, the player who don't blame anybody for your mistakes. You, the player who is not mad because Pixie took a kill. You, the player who don't rage out if a player sad that he has lags, but still trying to reconnect and do his best. You, the any other role who is smart enough to realize warding is EVERYBODY'S JOB. You, the player who understands when people are following his steps. You, the player who can calmly explain why an item is not good/is good for a specific champion. You, the player who is not shouting "noob" after every death of his allays or every kill of this enemies. You, the player who won't drop a match because " X is my counter, I can't do s**t". I want to thank everybody who is like this. Who is calm, who is understanding. You're the best part of this community, and I want to let you know that YOU ARE GORGEOUS ! YOU'RE AWESOME <3 {{summoner:31}} {{item:2052}}
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