So i got banned by trollers because i wanted to play a game respectfully

I entered a game last night with 3 friends and i was facing an unconventionnal Darius Lulu botlane, as Nami. I ran into the tribush after helping my jungler and they killed me because i didn't expected this. Fine. Then they went missing, and as i was joining my lane again, they just ambushed me between the 2 towers and killed me again (had burnt heal and flash before so no escape). Starting from here, they would simply towerdive me or catch me while coming back from base. They litterally stopped playing the game, stopped pushing or even farming, just waiting for me and kill me the second they see me (just try escaping a lulu-boosted darius as nami...). At some point, zed joined their game, going for flash ult towerdives even tho i was like 0/12 already to instakill me. Then kha thought it would be fun too, and started ambushing me too. But hey, that's just a normal game, i'm with friends, i'm not going to leave for this or flame, they decided they'd ruin it and i can't do much, but at least i'll play BECAUSE i dont want to be a an asshole (while our zed ragequitted). Last thing i know, 5 minutes after the game i'm getting a 14 days ban from the enemy team for "int", since my friends wouldn't report me and zed, well, left before the end. This is real quality trolling, this is abusing the report algorythm (well when you end a game with 29 deaths i'm pretty sure the software doesn't even think for a second) and this essentially rewards the players trying to %%%% somebody's day rather than those trying to be respectful. **Edit** : If you want to watch the game and make your own opinion, download it from here :!DDhWTCSR!S8gu2yLQgNv8oZBmzQ9JBbUQY_hQAIH7qQv4IBd2liU Then simply follow the steps from this : **Edit 2 : ** After looking at the game, Riot answered and lifted the ban! Thanks to everybody for the support, it means a lot :).
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