I'm disappointed

Hi Boards, Hi hopefully a Rioter, (TL;DR down below) in the end of december I reported a player via the riot support, because he intentionally fed and we all know the current report system is not that good at detecting that. I made a video of him feeding and send it the support and got the answer, that they too think, that was feeding and he will be punished. Now to the part why I'm disappointed: he's still playing/played the whole time without stop, which means he didn't even get a 2 week ban. He actively ruined the game for others and maybe got a 25 games chat restriction if even. That's bugging me quite alot, because people, who throw around racial slurs and such, get an instant 2 week ban, while they probably/maybe play the game "normally" and those who actively ruin the games for others get a chatbann. That's a big flaw the system to me, because player, who ruin the game for others, should be punished by not being allowed to play and those, who use abuse the chat to flame others should be chat restricted. I'm not saying flamers should "only" get chatbanns, there should be a point where they get banned for their behavior, too, but player who ruin the game for others should be banned and not chat restricted. TL;DR Make Punishments more individual (again): Punish trolls with banns and flamer with more/longer chat restrictions. I'd like to hear your thoughts on this matter, so feel free to comment! Anyways good luck on the rift and see you there! Xayahnara
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