If you ask me to report someone...

.... I will report you. Seriously, I am so sick of all these "Report player X" messages in every damn game. I don't care if it's an ally asking the team or the enemy team to report one of us, or one of the enemy team asking for reports. It's just so irritating and report calling is just as punishable as whatever it is you want your friend reported for. I actually took the time to explain that to someone yesterday. It's actually becoming more annoying that flaming. And what's also frustrating is that yeah, I am sure you're being honest about that flaming Anivia, but doing something punishable in an attempt to get us to report someone for something we don't have any proof of, when your report alone will be good enough... It's just so silly! So I ended up reporting a flamer, the guy who asked for the flamer to be reported, the guy who wanted his teammate reported for "sucking d**ck" and the guy who wanted his teammate reported for "feeding", etc... And apparently people still think one can be reported for getting outplayed. Someone on my team asked the enemy team to report our botlane. Obviously the enemy team laughed. Why would they want to report someone they managed to beat? And when the enemy laners are actually more reasonable and supportive than your own team... You can't report people for getting outplayed! There's no unskilled report anymore, wish people would just accept that and either figure out a way to help whomever is struggling, or at least shut up so they can consentrate and try to turn things around. Enough venting. Did have a fun game last night in which there was a Heimer on the opposite team. When he had killed me three times I wrote on all chat; "Damn, Heimer, you're really good at being annoying :D" He sent me back a kissing smiley. After that I killed him once, but died myself. He wrote "I still got you :P But wp :)" And then I killed him several times in a row, which he took with a few smiles. It was fun both when I was getting killed by him, and when I finally began turning the tables and getting him back! Of course, our Brand was flaming through the game and calling me a retard for communicating with the enemy. But it was an aram, and that Heimer was funny, lol. Yes, I am going to have fun in arams and that may include bantering with the enemy team if they are funny. We won that game, but that wasn't what made it a good game.
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