These are my chatlogs

Game 1 DaSmurf01: stop dfighting DaSmurf01: you suck ori , shut up DaSmurf01: gj bot :) DaSmurf01: pff DaSmurf01: ori DaSmurf01: learn to play plz DaSmurf01: gj blitz DaSmurf01: ty DaSmurf01: report ori plz DaSmurf01: useless trash DaSmurf01: gg we lost DaSmurf01: mid sucks balls DaSmurf01: gj DaSmurf01: gj DaSmurf01: ORI DaSmurf01: ROAM OR PUSH FFS DaSmurf01: report orianna PLZZZZZ DaSmurf01: ori DaSmurf01: uninstall league DaSmurf01: you suck DaSmurf01: gg bot and top , we lost thnx to ori DaSmurf01: dude DaSmurf01: stfu DaSmurf01: be happy DaSmurf01: i helped your lane DaSmurf01: and now you report me DaSmurf01: gg wp
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