Double standard

I believe that if you are a famous streamer you only get punished for whatever you do after youve reached the maximum of the violations. I watch a lot of streamers and the language they use in their chat (not talking about the stream) is offensive as hell. So for me as a normal user I get punished instantly and even without a warning. Thing is that I got more than 10 games in a row with people just inting. Okay it happens I know, thing is that people get frustrated and the same happened to me. The thing that got me punished was that I asked for a player to be reported and the only bad word I wrote was a "WTF". Support told me that I got punished for been "Toxic" which is something that you cant really be objective with. Still their game, they get to call the shots on everything. The thing that bothers me the most is that they didnt warn me or give me the chance to even stop asking for report or using the "WTF" word. They just locked my honor level 20 days before the end of the season. Which means that all the work I did the whole year to be able to get these rewards, is gone. My honor is locked since then and continues to be locked. Which can actually take months to get unlocked. So for that thing, I lost the the thing that kept me going. Not that the rewards matter, its just a skin so who cares, but still they removed the whole point of having a target to reach. So yea congrats and you do have double standards. Yes I am still mad after 20 days for such poorly behaviour from RIOT.
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