I will do it untill Riot changes something and start doing againt people like this.

AS we all know well you can be punished with restrictions or bans for verbal and other stuffs you say to other player. So i whould like to ask Riot People how can we actually deal with people which are totally trolling your game, even if you want to report them someone will say he didnt do this on purpose so there is no reason to punish this player. So what if i tell you a example i had 5 min agou i did carry whole game from early to mid and we came to min 35 when my mid laner goes alone cuz he wants to and dies alone letting my enemies take baron, even me and whole team msg him to go as 5 and we will end this game as win cuzi had 13/2/6 on adc atm so what happens in next 4-5 mins ? he goes again twice alone just becuz he wants to and die loosing our entire game. What exactly can i do about a guy like this? i wasted 40 mins of my life trying to win a game which 1 guy decided to ruin just becuz we cant do nothing to him for that. My suggestion is fixing some kind of reports like in CS:Go where people are watching some parts of the game and deciding if someone is guilty or not.
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