make solo q real solo q

why i have to face boosters and duo if this rank called solo/duo q ... can you just call it duo q not a single game i lost was vs a real players ... every time booster or duo ... i know this game is dining but do something to help her stay alive ... there is a flex q for the duo why not leave solo q for solo players ... like wtf is this ... a good adc can play with any supp a good supp play with any adc if your aim for bot ... and ever time i get to hight plat like 2 or promo to 1 i start geting this boosters and duo .... you can call it just " rank game " just like your name " riot gameS " with S and you did not mad any GAMES just 1 %%%%ing game 1 game ..... and you call your rank solo/duo yet your rank is just boosters and duo
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