Is typing GG/GGwp toxic?

Please read and understand my situation and where im coming from before commenting! I play a lot of dota as well as league and in dota much like the emote system we have in league we have a chat wheel feature for things such as: stun now! Back! Becareful! etc. the most prominent ones and most used ones are the unique All Chat ones namely: Good Game! and Good Game Well Played Now that im back to league again it feels so archaic to not do that. Its a joke in the dota community that whenever something happens you use the GG or GG wp in all chat chatwheel. Get a gank? > GG WP. Get ganked by the whole enemy team? > GG WP Now I KNOW the league community is extremely sensitive and thats why I need to know if doing this in league would make me come across as toxic and allow me to get banned? Let me do an example of how i use it in league: I engage and the enemy flashes away > GG Thresh lands a hook > GG wp Thresh fails a hook > GG wp (im giggling as i write this cause its all meant in such a jokey way) the enemy dived me under tower and failed > GG WP I dive and i failed > GG WP We get 4 man ganked bot > GG WP We steal the dragon > GG WP etc the uses are endless. But does this make one toxic or at risk of reports/bans?
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