Bullied by the rest of the team

Oh my, so i finally felt the "it's junglers fault" fist. I don't jungle often and most of the time i'm forced to go there but even then i'm trying my best, i tell my team that i suck at it and that i'm not the best jungler in the world. Most of the time the team understands and forgive me that one fail gank where i died. But this time, oh the salt, i think this was the rock bottom of the saltiness, even dead sea has less salt than this team i was with. In champ select i wrote mid first but immidietaly after someone else called mid so i thought: "Meh, i was there for three past games, i don't care." so i wrote adc but lucian instalocked and this line got me almost laughing: "I'm a girl gamer :) girls are first." so i just let it slide i can handle this, so i wrote that i will go jungle, since it was the only role left and i clearly stated that i'm not the best jungler, ganks will be delayed and etc. Anyway the game started, everything went smooth, lucian even got first blood thanks to volibears kamikaze, so i was like: "Ok, this might go fine." i got a nice leash cleared red and i was at wraiths (or what are those things) and mid started to ping, yasuo was zoning him and ekko (our mid) had already half of his hp gone, so i was like: "Ok, i just finish this, i got the camp, time to gank mid." but he retreated as soon as he saw me so i went back and started killing wolves.... and there it all started. Bot started raging where's gank, so i tried to negotiate saying that i don't have that much movement speed and that i have to back to buy items and stuff, but then top started, i tried to explain them what's going on i helped mid a little because i was close to it. But i died there and yasuo survived with 25 hp and the whole team went: "Report skarner, no ganks, feed." so i muted them and just had enough of it, i just focused on camps and just tried one or two ganks on mid again because we had all towers pushed, everyone on the enemy team was godlike, it all went to sh.... crap. As the game was ending i unmuted them all and it didn't end everyone wanted to report everyone and i got all the salt they had. Here is the game: http://matchhistory.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUN1/1196949722/201591292?tab=overview yes, i went 0/7 i tried everything i could, i even caught yasuo in my ulty and dragged him into my team... nothing. So there goes my experience with jungle. I'd rather support than jungle.
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