Dear Riot, this should be your priority for season 10

Dear Riot, Before season 10 starts, You guys should seriously work on improving your system detecting intentional feeding and trolling. Right now, it is close to non existent. Until now, I never had a case of two players ruining game for others in the single day. The best part of it, is the fact, that even few hours after the game, they are still playing! Case 1: support got angry because no one wanted to swap with him. So he picked Yasuo, took smite and went to jungle to steal his camps from the very start. He was even admitting to that on the chat! I'm still amazed that our jungler did not rage, but did everything to make us win. Case 2: our mid laner decided that the game is lost around minute 3 I guess. He went 0/12/0 (in 17 minutes long game) admitting on the party and /all chat that he is intentionally feeding because game is lost anyway. He was also toxic towards others, wishing our supp to get cancer and die. Guess what happened to him. If your answer is nothing, then congratulation, you have won used pantaloons! In the past I would send a support ticket about those cases, but the truth is, Support from a long time does not even check reports. They send predefined answer and close tickets without doing anything. Thanks to that even more players are forced to play with players like that. Maybe it is time to stop living in a delusional bubble and admit that the system needs to get some adjustments.
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