Riot acting like Superman shoving justice like a D... What is the issue with that?

First of all I love league. I main jungle, I have 3 gold accounts this season, were gold last season. I get a lot of hate, obviously all the lanes are dependent on jungler to win or go even for them. And I am ok with the feed but whenever I get the blame for their actions its triggers me and I want to write back(human nature or just my nature i guess). Lanes do not ward, do not follow pings, its all junglers fault. Other jungler is playing with their advantages and better comp and its also our junglers fault. Usually I have started muting after getting restrictions. Intro is done and as it is established, it is from a jungler's perspective. Junglers are destined to get more hate and more reports against them. So what is the issue here? I am not against the punishment, it should be carried out and I deserve to be punished for what I wrote and they also deserved what I wrote to them. I do not regret for what I did or wrote. The issue is riot's punishment and reward system, current punishment system is as follows: First offense: 10 game chat restriction Second offense: 25 game chat restriction Third offense: 2 week ban Fourth offense: Permanent ban The punishment for first 3 offenses is weak and the fourth punishment is very drastic/bad(which shouldn't be even present). The game is or will only be good if you keep the players and as we have seen we have a player base drop from last season(10 min. queue even being in gold never happened last season). It is human nature where there is competition there is exchange of harsh words. No one care's about things happening in normal's or whatever but to me and to a lot of others rank games matter. Now the main issue here is the reward system which is not directly tied to the above restriction completion system but is tied to some hidden improvement system which is not cool/good (literally is annoying). Now if you want to punish some one you can extend the restrictions to 100 or 1000 games (very high number) but at-least tell the player when they will be getting off their punishment and start receiving their rewards (hex-tech) which the deserve by playing good. I know no one cares about EU and probably the developers/think-tanks are in NA. But can any Riot member help me, a lot others like me and put some sanity in the higher ups who make these _____ rules. And put some clarity into the system so that players are not rushed to frustration and then to leave league. Hope we don't have Riot Lyte on EU, who takes discussion to some where else. P.S. I never reported any one (I could not, my laptop is slow so i kill lolclient which takes about 700 MB RAM whenever I go into the game through task manager). I do not want any one to be banned, what happens in game should stay in game. Whatever I said or felt about that player should be said, written and restricted to that game.
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