Inting is not bannable?

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> {{champion:122}} in my team started game with death bcs he didnt see the j4 who was ganking him. Still after his first death i told him calm down and play deff he just have said gg. I tried to carry the game but he started with** his running down top strategy while blaming me and flaming me**. He wanted me to gank him even he was 3 lvl down and he had like 500 gold i told him to just wait and he got killed 2 more times in 3 mins by{{champion:223}} . Whole team was so upset bcs he was blaming others instand of playing the game. > I think he wanted to tilt our team until they start flaming him. This behaviour is toxic for game and time after time bcs of same problem a lot of good players are quiting playing league. In my opinion i would ban this guys acc for 14 days or perma bcs he deserved with this kinda behaviour.
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