Sorry, I'm having a bad game

_What a wonderful day. _ Ranked, Plat 1 EUW. 5th pick. Toplane. My team needs a tank and some engage, but damn.. I really wanna try out that gangplank for the first time! I am 1 div below diamond, I really shouldn't be having simple knowledge about the most basic aspects of the game. _6 mins later, circa 4:00 into the game_ Damn, that _malphite_ has so much burst, my bad dying to him at 4 mins. I'll better watch out for that from now! Let me tp back to.. Oh noooo! Malphite killed me because i tpd into him and he was 2 lvls ahead! **_Gosh darn it!_** Okay, i'll get back to lane and try to catch up by killing creeps. _3 minutes later_ Oooops... i forgot that he already killed me 2 times, has lvl advantage, item advantage and he destroyed me with his whole combo... _-Sorry guys! I'm having a bad game..._ Let me just get back to lane and... OH CRAP He fought me! I totally forgot about his 3 lvl advantage and all the items he bought... _-Sorry guys! I'm having a bad game... _ By the way jungler, could you gank me already? What are you even doing? _3 mins later_ OKAY! This is my time! Jungler's coming, my ult is up, lets Oh hell! I totally forgot that he's 3 levels ahead and he demolished us screwing up our jungler and putting me even more out of this game.... _Sorry guys, I'm having a bad game..._ Okay.. let me tp back into the... Oh damn, he dove me. I forgot about his lead... _Sorry guys, I'm having a bad game..._ Welp... time to walk to lane and ooops he killed me, I thought i could duel him... _Sry guys, I'm having a bad game..._ {{champion:84}} -_Could you please sit under ur turret so you don't die again?_ _By the way, could you report this akali, guys? She's so toxic, I don't understand why she would flame me..._ {{champion:64}} _This mental top..._ [Welp, sorry, that's a 2 week ban for you lee] Okay, let me get back to lane, gotta catch up that 80 cs difference. Let me just hit that cann- _Oh what the heck, this malphite is so strong atm! My bad, I totally forgot what I've been doing for the past 10 minutes..._ _Sorry guys! I'm having a bad game... Hey! Don't surr that match! We can win together!_ _They never surrendered. Gangplank proceeded to have a bad game. Match took 40 minutes. Never had they a slight chance of winning the game. Lee sin got banned after the match._
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