Riot's Anti-Toxicity Policy

Hello, to start this off I would like to note some points I'm going through in this post: (More topics maybe be added in the future) · **Streamers Influencing Toxicity** but taking no consequences for it; · The sudden change of **how they evaluate toxicity**; · **Riot's weird expectations** of how their players will interact with each other; · Punishing Toxic players but not Inters and others; I would also like to excuse my english, It's not my main language, bare with me. **-- Streamers Influencing Toxicity --** · Nowadays, we have streamers like Tyler1, IWillDominate, Yassuo and a lot more that get really toxic sometimes in their ranked games and this excluding what they actually say on stream. I've seen streamers calling other teammates words such as "R3tard", "Idiot", "Degenerate" and other passive aggressive expressions, sometimes even going to the point of just "Soft-inting" on purpose because they gave up on the game (giving up also being a reportable reason, but none of them ever get banned). These streamers influence their community to be more toxic, probably not on purpose, but at the end of the day, they do change the way that they see their teammates and the game in general. So.. let's assume that a streamer like Yassuo (as an example) goes into a game and ends up being toxic and calling his jungler a "R3tarded Idiot" and then one of his viewers goes into a game himself and call someone else on his team a "R3tarded Idiot". The viewer would get banned or at least suspended in some shape or form, but Yassuo would just keep being him, why? Because he is partnered with Riot and just gets the Streamer Privilege. · How can Riot be such an hypocrite? Their partners are doing everything they ban "normal" players (that could also be considered customers) and taking no consequences for it. It's the same thing as a rich person that donates to the country's finances breaking the law and taking no consequences from it. **-- The "New" way they Evaluate Toxicity --** · I remember a couple of years back, it was so rare to get banned or even suspended in any way. Nowadays, it's just part of your day to day life for some people. I believe Riot is making rules WAY to damn strict. Toxicity will be part of every competitive game ever. Back in the day, they punished you for being extremely toxic and in certain cases racist, homophobic, sexist and such. Now, they punish you for calling a teammate an "Idiot". How does this make sense? This game is T rated (it means 13+) so technically no kids are supposed to be involved. At 13 I was already talking a bunch of shit with my mates, it seems like they are trying to make this game Kid rated or something, most of us are 17+ anyways, if we get flamed in one game, we just forget it and move to the next one. **-- Riot's Weird Expectations --** · Riot wants us all to respect our opponents and our teammates. How can they expect this from a competitive game? How can I respect someone that insults me or just straight up runs it down in my Diamond promos? It's the same thing as them asking for me to respect someone that walks up to me in the street and spits on my shoe. What would you do if someone did that to you? You would go like "WHAT THE FXCK?" or maybe just straight up knock the guy out. But no, in League you have to respect them and treat them as your own. **-- Not Punishing Inters/AFKers and others --** · So many people that just straight up int your games or rage quit on purpose to make you lose and just get out free of punishment. It makes no sense how can something like this go unpunished for so long. Why even flame your teammates then, if you can just straight up go AFK and have them get punished that way. I saw IWillDominate a couple days soft-inting ON PURPOSE, he even admitted and bragged about it a couple times during that game's length (btw I'm not bashing IWD, I love his content, just using him as an example) and just nothing happens about it, once again this also proves a point for the Streamer Privilege topic. Anyways, this is my take away on how stuff works in League right now and why I think Riot needs to re-consider their WHOLE system once for all. I'm all down for everyone's opinion, be sure to leave yours below. Thank you, peace.
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