acc got ban due to summoner name

today my acc was suspended to 6 of March due to summoner name... > TheFuriousBacon (Riot Games Player Support) Feb 20, 4:53 AM PST Hello once again, You have again failed to comply with our demands to chose a summoner name that complies with our Terms of Use. As that is the case, we have now applied a 14 day suspension to your account. You will not be given a free name change, instead we changed your name to "NameFiltered6873". You can review our Terms of Use in full at the following link: Any further violations of this kind will lead to permanent suspension of this account. I encourage you to comply with our Terms of Use from now on. Have a nice day. TheFuriousBacon Riot Games Support Specialist "Praise the Sun! \ [T] /" they send me this, ahahahhahah so i dont talk in games, dont harras people in chapion selection, play the game, not going afk, and still get acc suspended... REALLY THIS GAME IS A JOKE IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS WITH MY NAME DONT LET ME REGIST THAT NAME, UPDATE THE FILTER NAMES NOT MY PROBLEM IF YOUR GAME ACCEPT MY NAME, DONT ACCEPT THEY TALK COMPLY WITH OUR DEMANDS?? THE FILTER ACCEPT MY NAME THIS GAME IS A JOKE PURE AND SIMPLE THEY SAY WE CAN REVIEW THEIR TERMS OF USE IN NA OR OCE SITES?? AM FROM EUW.
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