V is for Victory. Coincidentally, V is for GET THE FUCK OUT OF THERE

It's just lovely how games are lost because people ignore pings. If I'm pinging "danger", and you can't see anything where I pinged, it's quite likely that it's because I know there's something there, so you know that you shouldn't go there, or at least be cautious about it. Likewise if I ping "Fall Back", it means, FALL BACK, Go Back, GTFO, Run for the hills, Flee, Evade, ask Jay Garrick to take you away. "gg its lost adc just got a double kill and turret" - No shit sherlock, you stand under turret with less than 25%HP, and the enemy team has an alistar that can tank a turret, and despite me telling you 15 seconds earlier that you were going to get doven, so you should go back, yet you stayed, then it's not "oh he's good", it's "you're an unintelligent ape" that doesn't know how to listen or view my warnings. "Zed, Lux, LeBlanc, Lucian" OP? No you idiot. You just stand right in front of them and expect nothing to happen to you

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