If you want a competitive game which matches you with equal skilled players...

You are wasting your time playing LoL. All i see when playing lately, especially in rankeds, is kids that just do random stuff. They do not care about winning, they do not care about building correctly against the enemy team, they do not care about using their free wards (trinkets). It just ain't competitive at all, I sometimes get 10+ match win streaks, then immediately after, 10+ loss streaks that are just unexplainable, i don't change my play style, i ain't tilted, I just magically get dudes that go afk, have lag, or just fight between them and lose the game. Nothing actually changes except my teammates. Now i used to be Platinum 3 two seasons ago, i've quit for a while, then got elo decayed to hell and I kind of tried to climb again, now i got to plat 3 without abusing any op champions in a certain patch or having mains + i was playing pretty much every role. Trying that again, seems worthless. you'll get around 50% win rate no matter how good you play. The only way to climb is to duo, if you do not duo, your chances that at least 1 of the 4 teammates is a massive dumbass are enormous. And even when you duo, it just kind of seems that the other 3 players you get paired with are just up to lose your game. Honestly, what the actual hell is this? Are you trying to say that my "skill" (i don't actually think leagues/divs represent your skill level though) magically transformed from being a mid plat player to a mid silver ? Not only to mention that over time my skill decreased instead of increasing by rito`s logic. No, clearly it didn't it's just that two seasons ago players still had a little sense of competitiveness. Nowadays, people just don't care about winning or having a little bit of adrenaline rush when a game is close, they just wanna play yasuo top no matter what, they pick a squishy shaco vs a full aoe team and die in teamfights without anyone actually focusing them, things like this are like every 3 games at least. This game is gonna die soon, the only reason I've played it for so much is that my laptop was only able to run this politically correct joke of a game that punishes you for actually calling out people who waste your time intentionally. You can intentionally afk without getting punished (just afk a bit in an important fight or late game), you can intentionally feed without getting punished (just get killed once late game when the enemy pushes towards your base) you can make your teammates lose every single game if you want and not getpunished. BUT AS SOON AS YOU SAY SOMETHING TO SOMEONE THAT DOES THIS YOU'LL GET PUNISHED. Can you comprehend this irony ? TLDR : This game would actually be cool if you'd get competitive games or if at least the punishing system was better, but the usual player acts like a spoiled kid on cocaine with half the brain cells of a chicken and if you tell him anything you'll get punished.

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