another discussion about "ez"

so, i noticed there is a little controversy about the misuse of this word with this post i want to address some points made by guys that think along the lines of "if you're bothered by people saying ez you're an oversensitive snowflake" "you're too sensitive for the real world" i don't agree to that, actually i'm more triggered by some idiot saying ez compared to another l9 wannabe kid that keep telling my family to get cancer and shit i swear, stuff like "ez" tilt me way more than any k-y-s racial/homophobic slur or whatever i tell you what: in real world nobody but real pricks that gets frowned upon pretty much everyone would show such disrespect toward an opponent, in every competitive scenario you can imagine also, i can handle ingame banter, like saying ez during a trade or teamfight, that fits the idea of phsycological warfare and could make sense, but just saying it at the end of the game, it just means you're a prick , and yes, it get real %%%%ing annoying really fast. at the end of the day, i consider words like "ez" or "u bad" the emblem of poor sportmanship and so the proof of you being the degenerate you are. meanwhile if you're the type of guy that tells other people online to get raped/cancer/throat slitted or whatever, you're just a socially awkward sad individual, you're not even in my radar, i can't be triggered by such a socially disabled guy a little poll now because i like them
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