is this flame?

top: {{champion:2}} - 6/7/5 mid: {{champion:81}} - 5/6/4 adc: {{champion:15}} - 2/9/6 supp: {{champion:432}} - 0/6/2 jungle: {{champion:56}} - 5/4/1 (me) so olaf sivir and bard (especially the last 2) hardcore blamed/flamed me for the lose, i only responded to their flaming (without flaming myself). (ezreal didnt talk all game) riot chooses to give me chat restriction, because i received 3 reports and i could only report them once. this is riots so called tribunal, and they always say that reports dont matter cause the tribunal decides (after reading chat etc) whether the report is legit or not. i think this is not true and they just look at the amounts of reports per game. this means that if a troll 4 man premade chooses to report the 5th guy for no legit reason, he has the chance to get a chat restriction. or i must be wrong? but i dont think so, ive looked at the mail they sent me and i couldnt find anything that could be offensive (MAYBE stfu, but thats all) so my question is: is this considered flame (and worth a chat restriction) these days? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ whoops ez ez u even there? what a follow up i definitly gonna gank you again not then dotn ask for gank? im not even gonna respond - (blamed me here for their bad score cause i didnt gank, so i said that i am not gonna respond to their stupid reactions) funny i give blue to 0/4 - (the 0/4 adc wanted my blue lol) sivir start to stop feed - (sivir said "noc start to gank" so i made a joke) DRAG DUDE w/e u does'nt - (said by bard, this just shows their inteligence) stfu - (ok i slipped once here, after all the blame on me) ffs epic boots sivir - (she bought cdr boots and i found it kinda weird, but i cannot find anything offensive in those 3 words lol) better than feed bot u have 0 right to talk let alone blame me dont get hope u shut up - (they tell me to shut up) blaming me what a joke ward then dont ward pro ult go laugh with that score - (they laughed at me cause i died once, while they are like 0/6) yhea sry for best score on team WOW and more deaths maybe say that too - (they tell me how much assists they have, while also have smt like 9 deaths) bg guys guess who they blame - (wanted to hear the enemys opinion but failed to write /all) guys guess who they blame - (the ones that responded agreed with me) always bro - (enemy agrees with me that they blamed me unjustly) 2/14 bot still jungler - (that was their score and they still blamed the jungler, me) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ i would rly like to hear from some of you guys whether i flamed, if so, which sentence and why it is flame and i know that they say in the mail that this is just 1 example, but believe me, all my games go like this.
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