The story of when i fed.

It was a winter morning, just another usual lazy saturday, where you can simply relax and play some league. That kind of winter morning that when you approach your widow you can see it glazed over since outside it is most probably -10 , and everything on the outside is just so beautifully white. Taken by that wonderfull feeling you make the mistake of opening the window and getting shocked by that infamous morning winter bite, thus you slam that window closed turn around and grab 10 blankets without looking back. Once i was all settled, i got into champion select. I was rather in a jolly spirit, since i really really really **love** winter, i wished everyone there happy holidays, to which one particular grumpy guy answered with "egh i can already see this one is gonna be annoying" to which noone commented thankfully. But i did not let that sway me ^^ As we all spawned, i started heading to my lovely lane, and preparing for the match. Minions spawned and thus it began, we have farmed a few cs, and literally in the blink of an eye, my lane opponent went all in, i did not even react to it propperly due to how sudden it was ._. Thus i gave first blood. *sigh* But, i liked to see this as something that happened because i was caught off guard, so i went straight back to my lane refusing to show i got swayed in any way. I poked, i farmed, i made dodges. And more dodges. And.. More dodges. I backed to my tower. I camped under it. I hugged it. It was my best friend really. But, unfortunately right before i backed, i got ganked and died once again. Now at this point i started feeling a bit discouraged, but weirdly enough my team stayed silent, simply communicating pings and objectives. But, that peace was short lived, as the enemy laner started taunting me in all chat. enemy laner: you know, you should really stop feeding, please. This was obviously intended to make: a) me tilt b) my team angry and flamy at me And that went literally unnoticed as well. But it got to me. I got mad. I started playing more agressively, so i guess his plan a worked. And i died again. He kept throwing jabs at me, untill a certain point where the grumpy guy from my team responded to him. grumpy guy: ya know, yes this teammate of our sux, and feeds.. And well, is too annoyingly friendly. And should probably throw this game and their pc into the fire and never look back.. me: er, does this have a point? grumpy guy: ofc it does, so as i said even though this sux, its still our teammate, so if you could zip it already and shut the hell up, i would appreciate it. enemy laner: you defending a feeder? pathetic grumpy guy: ye this gnar may feed, but he is our feeder. So gtfo. rest of my team: yeah sod off already salty noob me : .-. you guuys .-. my team: stfu and stop feeding now -.- (meant jokingly ofc) And thus i came back into the game, played waaaaaaay better, the salty enemy laner got flamier and flamier the more the game progressed that at some point his whole team started flaming him back in all chat, untill we eventually won in the end. I get that his game has a lot of psychology in it, either you tilt or make someone else tilt, throws , comebacks, duels, plays, its all there. But always be carefull with your strategies, as this guy tried to make us all tilt, he just brought us all **closer** together. To which i am thankfull to him in a weird way ^^ In advance i wish you all happy holidays that are soon to come! Enjoy them and spread the spirit if u can {{summoner:31}}
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