Automated 'justice' system makes clear mistake, Riot support refuses to admit to it.

Hello I will first provide a superficial explanation to get the story going, more elaborate information down below. Recently I was carrying a name that was found offensive by the community, rightfully so, considering it was. I then changed this name myself (after a period of about 2 weeks) by paying the 13900 BE fee after people started complaining about it in-game. My new name was utterly meaningless and not at all offensive. Things go well as nobody complains about this new name and I end up playing with it for almost 2 months before the reports from my old name finally catch up. The automated justice system forces a new name upon me and so I pick one. Some hours later my account is suspended for one week due to 'not changing your summoner name when requested'. And now for the elaborate construct; Some months ago, in Belgium, footage emerged from a convicted felon by the name of 'Marc Dutroux'. This new footage sparked controversy and within one week he was completely ridiculed by the news, social media and "local meme pages". Needless to say, satire and dark humour is sometimes quite amusing and this was no exception, so I changed my name. To 'Meneer Dutroux', which translates to 'Mister Dutroux'. Toxic? Yes. And for that I do apologize to anyone offended. I played with this name for about 2 weeks, in which numerous people complained about it, pointing it out, etc. All of this led me to change it to something completely meaningless. 'eedtspasjent'. Which can only be comprehended by my close group of friends and is thus meaningless to 99,9999% of the world's population. One must understand that, as a joke, we try to purposefully spell certain words in the Dutch language as wrong as we possibly can. 'eedtspasjent', to us, traslates to 'feeding frenzy' after you apply every possible grammatical error to it one could possibly make. This name was carried by me for almost two months without any problem or complaint. Quite a contrast to people pointing out my toxic name choice every other game. This all until the reports from my old name finally catch up. The automated system assembles all these reports and forces a new name upon me, which would have been completely understandable, had I still be carrying the toxic name people actually reported me for. Anyways, the name change. By logic, I assumed it would let me pick anything as long as it didn't resemble 'Meneer Dutroux' or 'Dutroux' in general. To check my assumption I attemted to pick something resembling 'Dutroux' and, as expected, it refused me. So, under the assumption the system actually worked correctly but was just incomprehensively slow, I sort-of kept the name I had already changed it to in the first place, with one extra letter. So 'eedtspasjent' became 'eedtspasjendt'. One meaningless letter added to an already meaningless name. The change was accepted and everything seemed resolved. Fast forward some hours and my account is suspended for one week due to 'not changing my name when asked'. I proceed to contact Riot support by admitting a ticket and giving them the explanation presented above. The support answers I simply tried to trick the system and the suspension was applied fairly. Now I do understand that indeed the suspension was applied fairly if you follow the route the automated system takes, but there lies also its flaw. There was no human factor present here and one can clearly see this is just an unfortunate mistake. And for once, I am backed by logic and facts; - I find it difficult for Riot to enforce a name change upon a Summoner if they have already rid themselves of the toxic name before the justice system can catch up. The system also has no way of recognizing this inbetween name change. - Riot support mentioned to me that my new name was found equally offensive by the community, which I doubt. Quite hard to believe this loving community couldn't care less about someone running around with the name of a know convict, yet is needlessly offended by a poor translation of the words 'feeding frenzy'. One name I recieved complaints on, none one the other. You can guess which is which. This goes to show that they either have no way of checking incoming reports to overlap them with the period I carried my toxic name. That or they just can't be bothered to check it in the frst place. - The forceful name change allowed me to 'trick' the system, which wasn't even my intent. It disallowed something resembling my old, toxic name and allowed something resembling my new, non-toxic one. This all led me to believe the sytem actually worked. - When a name is deemed offensive and is forcefully changed, Riot seems to blacklist that name. Same thing happened now, except wierdly differently. You can now no longer call yourself 'eedtspasjent', however you can still name yourself 'Meneer Dutroux'. The name of a convicted felon, might I add. (This was checked 2 days ago by a friend of mine) The lack of human factor in the automated system sometimes cause mistakes, there is no way around that. On top of that, I couldn't care less about the ban. Everybody has about 29 alternate accounts by now. The fact that this is such an obvious but confusing misunderstanding, yet Riot support refuses to admit to it is what bothers me most. Since when is it ok to hold the decisions made by automated systems, with no human factor present, in such high regard that they can never be wrong and are practically to be treated as gospel? Complete delusion. Greetings. A quite agitated Summoner. EDIT: I have been having a back-and-forth conversation about the problem with Riot in the shape of a ticket. Thus far, this is the standing; - They still haven't provided me with any proof showing which name was actually found to be toxic in the first place after I've asked for it numerous times. Even claiming this doesn't matter. - They have admitted to their system being slow sometimes yet are still in complete denial about its ability to make mistakes. - They keep hammering on the fact they are doing their best with the research yet every response feels like the man or woman typing it didn't even read the entire ticket. The fourth response even claimed that "We at Riot never mentioned which name was found to be more toxic by the community." while the first response began with "Your second name was found to be equally toxic by the community". EDIT 2: They just closed the ticket, still clinging to the fact there was no mistake and still not providing me with any proof to back up their claims. They even responded "We cannot provide you with any evidence." That was a literal sentence coming from Riot support after me asking for proof to show me that I was clearly holding a name the community found toxic. How far does one's head have to be up their own ass for them to type this? Riot support is a joke.
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