Deserved Permaban?

A little backstory: So yesterday morning I woke up excited to complete my promos, after being heavily trolled in 9 of my promotional series games within the past few days alone. So come to my game, and the typical scenario panned out on the little worse side. I won't say who did what, or how much x did y, because frankly that does not matter. I've been a positive reformed player and am willing to provide screenshots of my logs to prove they have not been tampered with. Anyways after my game, I received my permaban and couldn't complete my promos. Ironically, the logs show me being extremely positive(for 2 of the games at least, the last one I could argue that I tried holding it together) to trying to work with my team and even pacifying toxicity. Here's my plea to riot support (I will also add the logs after each game to provide more information) ***Hi there, I've received a permaban suspension but before saying we wont undo it etc. At the very least hear me out, honestly I believe I have a very strong case even my reports (game 2 and 3) will back my case up.Yes, I may have been an offender of toxicity and etc in the past, especially after my 2 week ban I reformed myself as much as I could. I was positive every game, regardless of how hard I was trolled, regardless of whether it was the 9 promo games were i was heavily trolled or just a normal game I kept positive. And this is evident in Game 3 logs particularly. I was so positive even grass would believe it could grow from concrete. I encourage my team not to quit and not to give up, to keep trying. Refer to figure 1, as you can see the Katarina is borderline inting meanwhile my team is breaking down. But I pulled them through, I stayed positive and we worked together. Please refer to figure 2 for evidence of this. (the initial lines are just banter with the nasus) [GAME LOGS] Pre Game Lobby: GoldenB0yy: or top GoldenB0yy: ffs In Game: GoldenB0yy: why ping? GoldenB0yy: wp [All]GoldenB0yy: says the guy playing nasus [All]GoldenB0yy: ? [All]GoldenB0yy: really mr qq qqq qqq qqqqqqq qqqqq GoldenB0yy: chill GoldenB0yy: he probs made a mistake GoldenB0yy: chill GoldenB0yy: chill GoldenB0yy: please GoldenB0yy: calm down GoldenB0yy: GUYS RELAX GoldenB0yy: PLEASE [All]GoldenB0yy: bye GoldenB0yy: calm down please GoldenB0yy: just carry her GoldenB0yy: STOP GoldenB0yy: HOLTYY GoldenB0yy: CRAP GoldenB0yy: muted GoldenB0yy: all GoldenB0yy: idgaf GoldenB0yy: noot u jax (not*) GoldenB0yy: they just spam pinging being toxic GoldenB0yy: lets win this bro GoldenB0yy: ... GoldenB0yy: kata stop 1 v 9 GoldenB0yy: at least try GoldenB0yy: please [All]GoldenB0yy: run noy [All]GoldenB0yy: boy* GoldenB0yy: XD GoldenB0yy: XD GoldenB0yy: ward baron GoldenB0yy: care jax [All]GoldenB0yy: gg Likewise in the game 2 logs were i played Veigar, I hyperscaled and yet again tried pulling my team through although the miss fortune was not having any of it any just threw the game completely. But that's okay, I was nothing but positive! With undying belief that anything is possible I wanted to work together with my team and earn the win. I've been extremely positive and well behaved. Especially with the event around I absolute best to earn honour from my teammates, ( I really liked the ahri chroma xD) The two logs are clearly errors and the ban is more than undeserved. [GAME LOGS] Pre Game Lobby: GoldenB0yy: who bans ahri? GoldenB0yy: wtfffffffffffffff (enemy banned ahri, whom I wanted to play) GoldenB0yy: XD In Game: GoldenB0yy: play safe and ez clap GoldenB0yy: ^_^ GoldenB0yy: b GoldenB0yy: too late GoldenB0yy: she took 2 plates GoldenB0yy: dont bother GoldenB0yy: shhh GoldenB0yy: be quiet GoldenB0yy: and get carried GoldenB0yy: please GoldenB0yy: see this is winnable GoldenB0yy: ive scaled GoldenB0yy: wp GoldenB0yy: shes complaining about us? GoldenB0yy: pls GoldenB0yy: quit the toxic GoldenB0yy: its ok GoldenB0yy: we can win! GoldenB0yy: just relax my bro GoldenB0yy: need visionn GoldenB0yy: LEAVE GoldenB0yy: so why u didnt u disengage? GoldenB0yy: hmm? GoldenB0yy: its like u want the loss GoldenB0yy: muted GoldenB0yy: braum GoldenB0yy: supp me GoldenB0yy: report mf GoldenB0yy: my %%%%ing promos GoldenB0yy: eve%%%%%%%%ing time GoldenB0yy: afks %%%% [All]GoldenB0yy: x9 mf The third game was a little rough, the karthus first timed (according to my understanding this is greifing) but thats fine you can still see my positivity in the log(refer to figure 4). I tried to work with him, the whole team was hard feeding, I said nothing. I believed we could win, as we had the far superior late game comp. However, there was a breakdown from within the team holding us back. The First time karthus began flaming, again not a problem to me (I may have responded but i muted him straight after anyway realising its not worth the time) Soon after my positivity and encouragement was used to flame me by the rest entire team, so I dealt with them by /mute all. Here's were the issue comes in, I start getting spam pinged and literally get triggered and upset, relapsing I breakdown wanting to walk away from my computer and leaving it all (although I would get a punishment for going AFK) filled with rage I unmuted them and after reading what they had to say I blew up in this huge bullyfest, very quickly the Vayne calmed me down soon after cooling down from my rage, I again tried working with this team, who mocked me yet again for only trying to win my promos hindsight walking away from my PC may have been the better choice but I guess it was only I who was in a lose lose situation. [GAME LOGS] Pre Game Lobby: GoldenB0yy: espeically with galio GoldenB0yy: u dont have to carry GoldenB0yy: just dont feed GoldenB0yy: XD GoldenB0yy: oof GoldenB0yy: xD In Game: GoldenB0yy: karthus GoldenB0yy: XDDD GoldenB0yy: i think you know what im gonna say lol GoldenB0yy: first time? GoldenB0yy: ok faitrs GoldenB0yy: u had man streeessed GoldenB0yy: its impossible to chase talon GoldenB0yy: sorry guys GoldenB0yy: :/ GoldenB0yy: wp GoldenB0yy: i was taking turret # GoldenB0yy: galio mid GoldenB0yy: im done GoldenB0yy: every damn promo GoldenB0yy: same crap GoldenB0yy: galio are u taking the piss with me? GoldenB0yy: alll pings muted GoldenB0yy: gg whoever baited me into that shit [All]GoldenB0yy: cool watch me now "MR im gonna carry" [All]GoldenB0yy: "said he would carry in champ select cant even presss R" GoldenB0yy: muted GoldenB0yy: all GoldenB0yy: muted [All]GoldenB0yy: gg wp GoldenB0yy: typical promo team GoldenB0yy: talking about feeding karthus GoldenB0yy: 1/5? GoldenB0yy: gj man GoldenB0yy: u hard carried 1 v9 this game GoldenB0yy: nice fed adc GoldenB0yy: every damn game GoldenB0yy: we might be able to win GoldenB0yy: but i really doubt ti GoldenB0yy: 2/6? GoldenB0yy: aha! GoldenB0yy: "because i got 2 kills im far better than this sylas" GoldenB0yy: typical GoldenB0yy: first time GoldenB0yy: first GoldenB0yy: time GoldenB0yy: karthus GoldenB0yy: gg GoldenB0yy: yes we can GoldenB0yy: just depends how much u wanna try GoldenB0yy: typical bronze mentality GoldenB0yy: its my promos GoldenB0yy: id like a win GoldenB0yy: sure GoldenB0yy: reported [All]GoldenB0yy: report first time karthus please GoldenB0yy: you are 2/8 To sum up, I think I have worked very hard to improve my attitude and work together positively with my team. One small, mistake should not be permaban worthy in my opinion. Especially, when it's evident how hard I work to stay positive and work together with my team. I earnestly hope you can understand my plea and revoke my ban. Kindest Regards, GoldenBoy*** Well that's my appeal to Riot support, admittedly I did get triggered knowing that I was trolled in champ select and had to take a free loss yet again for sake of someones pleasure. As I said before it seems no one cares if you get griefed, trolled whatever, all that matters is how you personally react. Albeit, that I had lost my temper in the final game with no way out, I still did not overstep my boundaries and verbally abuse anyone. On the other hand it's evident what a positive player I am. So to you the community I ask. Was my permaban deserved?
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