I honestly didn't think it'd come to this, that I'd have to out my frustration on a board like this. Heck, I never even check these boards. But enough is enough. I'm so sick and tired of getting in game with gold players who literally belong in Silver or bronze. Last game I had a Jinx that built a completely wrong build and refused to go guardian angel against a super fed shaco. We get players like this every day. If it was once a week, I wouldn't be fuming. But dear God, I thought EUW was somewhat competent but it doesn't seem to be any better than NA in ranks like Gold. And please save me the misery of plat players trying to insult me or flame me. A rank is literally just a colour nowadays. Bot lane and jungle are the biggest coinflip roles there currently are, and top lane doesn't even matter anymore. This meta is a joke, and I am honestly afraid to even play League when Season 10 comes around. I feel like balance isn't that much of an issue anymore, I'm just so tired of ranked matchmaking. I think we all are, at some point. And I don't even play that much ranked, though recently I started to play more. But even then, in draft everything is fine. But when you enter the crucible of hell called ranked, oh God... And this isn't some generic rant, really. I've thought this through. I've spent an entire season gathering information and other stuff from streamers, statistics, and other sources. I don't think this game is necessarily bad, but ranked needs a fix. First positional ranks, then this matchmaking. I get that algorithms are very complicated, but maybe it's better to put more time into them than put time into cinematics and new champions that'll need to be hotfixed anyways. Don't get me wrong, the cinematics and music of League are awesome, but I just feel like the gameplay itself isn't what it used to be. And for the record, I also know I'm definitely not the best gold player but it's still frustrating when you're doing well that you get dragged down by your team. Call me a cry baby, or call me a realist. The choice is yours. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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