1st punishment 14days

so, as the title says I got 14day suspend in 1st punishment. Got a bad **NORMAL** game where my bot lane fed vayne 12/0 in min 12 of the game. They started to blame me cause I didn't camp their lane as jungler. anyway, I was toxic and angry in this game so I decided to not waste time tryharding and go to argue with those autistic trolls. Is RIOT goes completely mad and punish so hard instantly for sh*t like this? this game is stressful and tilts you game after game, they still cannot add a function to turn off this God damn trashy chat!!! P.S. writing here is pointless as playing this game, but I know there is ppls who will understand. I'm done with those little, unskilled crying kids all over this game. He said I'm noob - Rito pls ban him. > Game 1 > Wyvernaxer: whats ur problem noob? > Wyvernaxer: u support and cant ward > Wyvernaxer: u are reported and pls l2p > Wyvernaxer: wtf u > Wyvernaxer: kha u are nice condom > Wyvernaxer: report bot lane > Wyvernaxer: 0/6 min 8. 6min of playing 6 deaths. so pro > Wyvernaxer: learn to ward > Wyvernaxer: cause u feeder > Wyvernaxer: lose my game? > Wyvernaxer: no > Wyvernaxer: you feed > Wyvernaxer: learn math again > Wyvernaxer: izi kills > Wyvernaxer: some unskilleds > Wyvernaxer: ofc he camp > Wyvernaxer: i love how noobs blame others > Wyvernaxer: oh chating with noobs is bad idea > Wyvernaxer: they are inting > Wyvernaxer: so fed > Wyvernaxer: the bot lost our game > Wyvernaxer: better feeders lose > Wyvernaxer: after 1st gank u didnt learned > Wyvernaxer: look twitch farm > Wyvernaxer: xD > Wyvernaxer: 20min press yes > Wyvernaxer: thanks god its not ranked > Wyvernaxer: i dont want such trolls in rankeds > Wyvernaxer: first feed > Wyvernaxer: then blame jungler > Wyvernaxer: izi > Wyvernaxer: u cant kill low hp > Wyvernaxer: its impossible > Wyvernaxer: vayne super overfed > Wyvernaxer: lol. u mad? > Wyvernaxer: vayne 50000dmg > Wyvernaxer: im not even trying > Wyvernaxer: are u mad? > Wyvernaxer: cause u talk nonsences > Wyvernaxer: like a little kid > Wyvernaxer: who win 1st game > Wyvernaxer: while got fed by lowbies > Wyvernaxer: no more reasons to talk with autists > Wyvernaxer: 1st feed > Wyvernaxer: then rafuse surrender > Wyvernaxer: what a nice trolls > Game 2 > Wyvernaxer: hahaha mad kid go %%% with ur pings > Wyvernaxer: diamond udyr. yeah right > Wyvernaxer: i just play for fun. there is no fun while our jungler afk > Wyvernaxer: muted/ u too autistic > Wyvernaxer: cry me a river > Wyvernaxer: then be silent > Wyvernaxer: use google what means inting > Wyvernaxer: ur brains damaged > Wyvernaxer: it means idc > Wyvernaxer: stop cry kids > Wyvernaxer: bye kid. mute > Wyvernaxer: cry alone > Wyvernaxer: report twitch. toxic af > Wyvernaxer: report twitch. toxic af > Wyvernaxer: gg
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