If you can`t play support then you are boosted bronze ubernoob

I used to give my roles to people who got autofilled on support role, I like playing support role as any other, and can`t find the problem playing it. The point is = EVERY time I swapped with the roles and gave the player none-support position, the same player was FEEDING so hard that i regret EVERY time I did it. And NO, THERE IS NO EXCEPTIONS. EVERY TIME. It`s more then obvious that when you can`t play the support you can`t play ANYTHING. You are boosted rage crying kid who shouldn`t even dare to play anything more complexed then a damn Super Mario. `` Oh my god I got autofilled support give me other role I will troll``. GO TROLL WHEN YOU SUCK SO HARD. So stop crying about autofill and LEARN TO PLAY you pathetic bronze feeder. L 2 P !!!
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