Being toxic vs ruining the game

So I've came home from work, started up League and went into a match with an autofilled support that wanted mid. I told him no, because I don't have to do that, to be honest. He went as a support, died on our blue in second minute for no reason and decided to troll the game. He came down mid and trolled for the rest of the game. Our toplane also went 2/7 and AFK. I admit, I was tilted and toxic, okay. I've got a 10 games chat restriction after calling him names more than once and I deserved it, but god damn it, two trolls in my team didn't get a ban or anything. I didn't get any message that they recieved penalty after I logged in 2 hours later. While I agree with the penalty that I got (first after 7 years), I really don't agree with the fact that only I've been punished. It's time to stop saying it's easier to detect toxic players (well, filters can catch words, but is that a solution?) than people that are inting and/or trolling, because ruining games is much worse than some letters on a chat that you can actually disable if you feel hurt (for whatever reason). This has to be fixed, because I've seen too many obvious boosters, trolls and inters with 10% win rate get away with stuff like that it's really annoying. Other problem is reporting doesn't feel like it does much, other team won't report a troll in most cases (at least in low elo), because they got a free win.
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