League of Legends Addiction

A personal struggle with a League of Legends Addiction, It's Time To Wake up.
This is going to be an extremely long post, if you're not interested I recommend you stop reading this right now. My story is an extreme case of addiction to League of Legends. The concerning factor is I'm not alone, there are many people who go through exactly what I went through.
Hi All, I would like to share my story of being addicted to League. I have been going up and down with my addiction. Now that i live on my own again, things are going down faster than the public opinion of EA. Today i read a Reddit post that got me inspired to work on my addiction. In this discussion I would like to bring the danger of being addicted under attention, and what we can do about it. i hope to keep this thread as some sort of diary, writing down what happened and what i hope to try to overcome my addiction. For me it's time to take drastic measures. After being addicted for 10 years I created a ticket to remove my account. Tonight, day 1 will be posted. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Day 1! Got home from work and immediately thought of starting up League for a game. I remembered to write about today, that kept me from launching League. Almost failing the first day. Feels like stepping on a Teemo shroom while low health and survive by an inch. Going to eat, watch a movie, play odyssey, and sleep. First things first, get that League icon off my desktop. The hunger to play a single match is immense. Until tomorrow!
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